Avast! 7 – The Next Big Antivirus Doing the Rounds

Avast! 7 Free Antivirus, which happens to be the pick of the era is coincidently the focus of our today’s discussion as well! A Friendly User Interface: First of all, let us talk about the user interface of the Avast! 7 Free Antivirus. As far as system changes are concerned, the Avast! 7 Free Antivirus is known to maintain consistency ... Read More »

SEO: Writing Titles and Meta Descriptions

SERP preview of page

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading my last post about how to do URL optimization. Now I am presenting “Writing Titles and Meta descriptions”, the 5th part of the series Summarized SEO World. Title tag, Meta description and url combine to form the SERP preview of a web page. Hence you need to use your important keywords in the title, description and ... Read More »

How To Operate Windows 8 – Part 2

Hey guys this is the second post in the series “Guide on how to operate Windows 8” where we are exploring and learning to use the basic and advanced features of window 8 operating system. We hope you people liked the first post and got benefited from it too, now in this 2nd post, we are going to learn to ... Read More »

Peek-A-Boo Into The AVG AntiVirus Free 2013 Free Version

You all must be very well aware that the 21st century is recognized as the ultimate technological age! 😎 Technology has made life easier for each one of us by helping us to initiate as well as process a number of transactions over the World WILD Web! 😉 Furthermore, individuals are seen making heavy use of the Internet in order ... Read More »

How to Host a Google+ Hangout

Google Hangout

Google’s new social networking Site known as Google+ is already a rage in the market. Using this site one can create a circle of friends and you can choose to hang out with them on Google+. ” Google+ Hangout” is basically an option which allows you IM chat, video chat, etc. You can also watch You tube videos together, and ... Read More »