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Who Is Zainil Dedhia?

Posted by Atish Ranjan | 8 Comments

Zainil Dedhia is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. He is currently specializing in the field of auditing & taxation. Born & brought up in the commerce capital of India, he is viewing his future with commerce around.

Although a very foodie person, he is very slim. He loves to roam around with friends & family. Few years back, he used to often go on treks with his friends but now he had to stop them because of the work load.

Zainil has a fetish for languages. As of now, he can communicate in 6 languages; namely; English, French, Kutchi, Gujarati, Hindi & Marathi. Apart from the linguistically spoken languages, ages back, he had studied some software programming languages too. He loves to get totally involved in languages. Also in near future, he is planning to add few more names in the list of his languages!

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