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What’s New On Facebook & Gmail?

Posted by Zainil Dedhia | 15 Comments

Only one thing is constant on this planet earth i.e. CHANGE. Everything needs to be changed and updated on timely basis. And keeping in consideration the need of change, even the Giants over the Internet are changing the things on and again.

Few days back, I had written about few recent updates on Facebook, where I had written about the smileys in comment, updates in photo album etc…

Today morning when I opened Facebook, I found that the message interface on Facebook had changed. Then I opened my Gmail & there too I found something new. The interface to compose an email had changed. I found both these changes to be really cool! 🙂

Facebook’s New Message Interface

Facebook has recently changed its message interface. In the new interface, there are 2 columns. In the left column, you can find all your messages & in the right column, you can find the details of the message that you select.

Another good thing about this new message interface is that, you can use few shortcut keys to fasten your work. Facebook has introduced few shortcut keys which you can use it in the new message interface. The following image has listed all the shortcut keys of the new message interface.

This was all about the Facebook’s new message interface, which is just super cool. Now comes the new thing from Gmail – The new compose mail view.

Gmail’s New Compose Mail View

Yesterday Google changed the interface for composing and replying to an email. In the old email compose interface of Gmail, everything was properly visible, as very big part of the browser window was used to compose an email. But now, Gmail has introduced a small window, which is a bit bigger than the Gmail chat window, to compose as email. The following is the picture of the new compose interface.

In this compact view, I personally feel that there are 6 most important & widely used things (I have marked in red in the above image) which need to be considered. The 1st being “To”, where you have to type the email ID of the recipients. Then the next 2 points are the “Subject” and “Cc Bcc” options. These 3 options are located at the top of the window.

The next 2 important options, which are located at the bottom of the window, are “Formatting options” and “Attach files” option. Just next to these 2 options, there is a “+” sign where you could find some other options like Insert link, Emoticons etc…

And finally, Gmail has kept an option through which you can “switch back to old compose”! 😀 😎

Did you notice the new FB message interface & the new Gmail Compose view? Did you like it? What more changes are you expecting from Google & Facebook? Do reply your opinions & views, by the way of a comment below! 🙂

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