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Using Advanced Security Solutions to Prevent Identity Theft

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It is critical to understand the basics of protecting yourself from identity theft. If you do fall victim to identity theft, it can take years to rebuild your credit and protect your personal information from further theft. The technology sector is responding to the increased threat from identity theft with innovative software for individual and business use. You can keep your identity protected by learning the features of these advanced security solutions.

Protect Your Identity Offline and Online

It takes a combination approach to keep your identity private and secure. Each year, you should order a copy of your credit report from the three major credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Review your credit report and your bank accounts regularly for discrepancies so you can promptly identify and resolve threats. Consider adding a secure password to every financial account you have. You should also safeguard your sensitive data offline by storing important documents in a secure location. Additionally, never carry more sensitive information on your person than necessary. Finally, install and use advanced security software for any online transactions. This is the only way to ensure data you submit online stays private.advanced security systems

Safeguard Your Sensitive Data

Certain data elevates your risk of identity theft. If information like your social security number, credit card numbers, passwords, bank account and debit card numbers, and date of birth fall into the wrong hands, your identity could be compromised. As well, because today more transactions occur online than in the past, identity thieves no longer need to dig through your garbage or reconstruct your shredded papers to acquire your information. This is why today’s advanced security software solutions focus on protecting the data you need to conduct your daily life, both online and offline.

Choose Advanced Security Software Wisely

There are a number of software programs that provide advanced protection against identity theft. Use this checklist to confirm that the software you choose has everything you need to guard against identity theft.

  • Secure Password Generator: This feature allows you to randomly generate a hard-to-guess password and also store it in a secure online location for future use.
  • Automatic Form-Filler: With this feature, your sensitive information will automatically fill in after you enter it in any form for the first time. It will then be stored securely for you.
  • Confidential Note-Taking and Storage: This feature safeguards important information that you want to remember.
  • Single-Click Login: With single-click login, you can use the advanced protection software to log in to any site while also keeping the personal data you may be asked to enter secure.
  • Browser Add-On App for Use With Online Transactions: With this app, you can click on the app button in your browser menu and log in to shop and pay bills through your advanced protection software system.
  • Auto-Sync for Login/Password on Multiple Devices (Regardless of Operating System): This feature allows you to track your login/password information for several devices so you never need to write it down.
  • Secure Transaction Browser for Banking and Finance:  This feature activates a secure browser when you are ready to conduct business online.

As you implement a comprehensive identity theft protection system, it is also important to educate other, especially younger, members of your family about identity theft so they become part of the security solution. Share this article with your family, so they can learn whether to trust an unfamiliar website.
If you evaluate how you handle and store your sensitive information both offline and online, and choose your advanced security software wisely, you will have done everything you can to safeguard against identity theft.

This post was contributed by CarlWeng. Carl  was a victim of identity theft in 2003. After he reestablished his online security with the help of Trend Micro software, he decided to open his own identity theft resolution services firm.

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