Type C USB – Introducing the Ever Demanded Evolution in USB Connectivity

USBs are used to carry data anywhere you go and transfer it to any system you desire! Is that it what we suppose as the key function of any USB that you can pick to include in the technology kit? Then why do we need an up-gradation? How does the feature matters and how do affect the performance of transferring data?


Well, the introduction of USB type C, also termed as USB 3.1, the upbeat specifications work on describing both protocols. The exceptional compatibility, compact size and several other updates that are worth marveling at, have made this piece outdo the rest. To state its versatility in a few words, it stands compatible with both USB 3.0 as well as with USB 2.0 and 1.1.

‘U’ in the USB stands for the term “universal’. Not all USBs are fit to be used universally across any system without making a shift in the software stack. This has thus enabled the host drivers to reap the advantage of USB 3.1 speeds without maneuvering much.

USB 3.1 that belongs to the fast forward era of 2015, is much enhanced and improved as compared to the originally introduced USB in 1990s. It has now simplified the ways to connect a computer to other devices such as cameras, printers, keyboards, and disk drives. Further, USB 3.1 has opened whole of new possibilities that can facilitate speedier charging, data transfer connectivity, in a few seconds time. Some of its power packed features are listed as follows:

  • Speed: This mini gadget comes with the promise of delivering steadfast speed. Several applications encompassing flash drives, wireless, set top boxes, media storage, hard drives, along with other media creators like video cameras or digital cameras, tablets, digital TVs, and smartphones, and docking stations are all set to get benefitted with its 10 Gbps speed. As a record, one can transfer a 25 GB movie in thirty-five seconds which is a way great record time as compared to USB 2.0 hard drive that takes 14 minutes to complete the above-mentioned task.
  • Reversible Connector – It comes equipped with a reversible connector that saves the people from the headache of trying to plug it in the wrong side. The compact size adds to the advantage whereas its durable design makes it suitable to be used in various devices without posing the risk of port damage on devices.
  • Enhanced power delivery and management: The charging speed seems to take up leaps far ahead than what is expected of a USB device. The high-powered devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones now can be charged quickly. It also facilitates to prolong the battery life of mobile devices along with enabling improved power management.
  • Features 2x speed and backwards compatibility – This is something absolutely commendable! It boasts of having almost double the bandwidth in comparison with the earlier introduced to USB 3.0. It also facilitates backwards compatibility to older USB devices, such as USB 2.0.

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