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Twitter: Just Setting Up My twitter

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Twitter is a social media service that enables you to send and read texts which are known as tweets. An undergraduate student at New York University introduced the idea of using SMS for communication with a small group of people. Originally it was known as ‘twttr’ and after that William came with the idea and the worked on project started on March 2006 when Dorsey published the first twitter message “Just setting up my twitter”.


The founder of twitter is Jack Dorsey who is an American web developer and businessman. He has done his schooling from Bishop DuBourg High School  and during his graduation he has come with the idea of twitter. And he is among the 35 innovators under the age of 35.


In 2010 twitter announced plans to offer paid advertisement in which companies will pay them to come in a selected search result.  And later in 2012 they started to bring the promoted tweets to the mobile devices which earn them a lot.

Users and statistics

Twitter is ranked one in one of the top ten most visited sites and in 2009 it is ranked third most used social network with six millions of unique visitors and approx sixty millions visits per month. And it is the fastest social media to grow as compare to others with seven million of new people joining it. According to twitter about 100 million users are online once in a month and 50 million users logging in daily. And in Japan it is noted that twitter is the biggest social media and comes at first and facebook following it to second position.
Twitter has made revenue of $139.5 million in year 2011 through advertisement and expects to grow to 86.3% to $259 million in 2012.



Social media is the need of people and twitter is largest platform to provide this and in this way Facebook and other social sites are there to block their way. But don’t forget other sites which are closer to twitter such as Plurk, Jaiku owned by Google etc. But millions of users gained by twitter cannot be taken away in one day.


  • Tweets which are publically visible and you can hide these according to your need and if you follow someone their post will comes to your main page.
  • It allows user to update their profile using mobile phones and there are applications available for it.
  • People can post according to the category and search the topics according to the single category you want.
  • Trending topics which means the hot topics which is gaining the views and attention of the people and let you to know about what is happening in the world.
  • Twitter archive is launched by them in which you can save all your tweet and search according to the month or day you want.
  • Nielsen Twitter TV rating is the new features is going to be launched and make TV watching better for you.
  • Self service advertisement

These are features available with twitter and anyone can share their experience and there news with the world. That’s the way to go for twitter and one can update themselves from anywhere anytime using their smartphones. And one don’t forget it was first started to share your experience with your friends but as the Facebook started social media twitter takes a new look and that is what we are using. So tweet your friend and the world with twitter and share the latest happenings of the world.

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