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Do you know that background noises can greatly effect your sleeping patterns. You might not have realized it but even the absence of the ticking clock of your home might be the reason of your sleeplessness in a new surrounding. Background noises can also at times influence your dreams, so the sound of a ticking clock or a gentle waterfall might give you peaceful dreams while on the other hands the sound of barking dogs might be responsible for your nightmare!

Soothing sounds, though the perception of soothing might vary from person to person but soothing sounds are known to produce a relaxing effect on the brain. Steady, uninterrupted noise is referred to as ‘Pink noise” or “white noise” which slows and regulates your brain waves, which is the trademark of a peaceful sleep.

Since this discovery, efforts have been made to develop devices that can imitate the noise generated by soothing earth elements like wind, water which help to put a person’s stressed brain to sleep. With the technological revolution, we have a new array of impressive applications which provide the same purpose. Many of them are even available for your phone, so all you need to do is just plug in the headphones and tuck yourself in for a blissful sleep.

The Top eight background noise generators in our list are:


1. : This has undoubtedly one of the largest and most impressive collections of background noises. You can find all kind of sounds, right from artifical ones like traffic or impulse noise, and then you also come across natural sounds like waves and tropical forests or rain.

The best feature is that even under a set option, you have various subsets. Like, if you find the sound of rain soothing, you can select rain and then you can also choose what kind of environment is it raining in, whether it is under the porch or in a forest. Isn’t that amazing? Sure way to fall asleep.

2. Nature Sounds: Available as an app on the iPhone, this app has all kinds of imaginable natural sounds, with a few odd ones like giggling children thrown in for good measure. The outstanding feature of this app is that you can combine two sounds or even create your own personal composition, made to absolutely delight you! You can change the volume and other details of each composition indivually. 

3. iSerenity: This is a very compact application, with just about 20 audio files. Its only interesting feature is that it has a few uncommon sounds like sprinklers and hairdryer which might not exactly be to everyone’s taste but might attract a few takers.

4. Ambient Mixer:  It is a community driven project which has a pretty interesting collection of sounds. They have various categories with 8 audio files under each. All of the songs will have something common, like a theme undergoing, in order to create a favourable ambience. There are various soothing soundscapes like that of beach, thunderstorm, forest, campfire, as well as peculiar mixes such as kitchen, sports stadium, and even a mediaeval marketplace, which sounds pretty authentic. These files are downloadable on your computer and can easily be shared too.

5. Sound sleeping: Sound sleeping plays a combination of 5 audio files together. If you choose a certain theme, it would five different kind of audio files for you to listen to and ensure you get the perfect combination of sounds to relax to.

6. Rainy mood: Unlike other noise generators, Rainy Mood has kept the whole idea really simple. As the name suggests, there is just one audio file, of rain which begins playing as soon as their website loads. You cannot make any adjustments or changes. It is available on android and iOS platforms as well.

7. Coffitivity: This is also one of the sound specific noise generators, only thing is that it theme really outstands from the others because its not something natural like rain or the waves but infact coffee. Coffee lovers would be instantly hooked on to this, it plays the sound of coffee shops across various different surroundings like a university café or lunchtime lounge.

It is available as an application for both android and iOS

8. Rainy café: As the name depicts, Rainy café is a combo of things mostly appreciated by the majority of the populations: conversation and rains. It plays a combination of conversation with rain in the background which can be very soothing. Also for people who do not enjoy that, they can control the volumes of both the sounds individually, giving greater liberty to the people.

So, this is our list of some really effective background noise generators. Go ahead, and give them a try and tell us which one is your favourite and why.

Off to some sleep therapy!

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