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New Business Module – Telecommunication

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Business – everyone wants to set up their own business. There are very few people on this earth who want to work under someone; all want to do business. It’s such a great feeling to have your own business. But again, there are very few people who are successful businessmen, and this fact is the bitterest one!

Few decades back, cost minimization was the only method to increase the revenue of the business. Due to this fact, the only people who used to jell well with the business were the chartered accountants and cost accountants. But now gone are those days when cost minimization was the key factor of revenue generation.

Customer Is The King

Unlike before, when the businessman was the King in the market, in this 21st century, a customer is acknowledged as the King. If the customer is not happy, then the balance sheet on the business will not have a happy face too! Thus in the 21st century, all the steps should be taken by the businessmen to keep their customers happy, so that they can retain the loyalty of their customers.

To keep anyone happy, the most useful tool is – communication! Anything and everything is possible with communication. The most difficult battle can be easily won by effective communication. Even the businessmen of the 21st century have realized this fact and thus have started focusing on this new tool, i.e. communication, which is neither the main business activity nor an allied activity, but still the most important activity for revenue generation through the medium of customer satisfaction.

talking to customer

Keeping in consideration the factor of communication, and also the factor of the modernized technological world, the medium chosen by the businessmen is telecommunication! And to facilitate the customers, businessmen are using various services like 0844 numbers from City Numbers, by whose help, the customers can communicate with the business for free – a toll free number.

Customer On Phone

Telecommunication has becomes a mandatory tool for all the businesses. Every business activity works over telecommunication. Customer orders over phone, the businessmen orders the supplier over phone, the complaints are set over phone, the feedbacks are given over phone, the guidance on how to use is given on the phone etc… etc… etc… All is done over a tring tring bell!

Because of such a necessity of telecommunication in every business, it’s been seen that, in most of the professional courses, the syllabus consists of a topic named “telephone etiquette ! Thus every businessman is expected to be an expert tele-communicators, who can just by a ring, can handle everything very well, from wherever he is. Without telecommunications skills, a business cannot survive in this 21st century.

Just give it a thought – if Alexander Graham Bell had not invented telephone, what all monstrous issues would have stood in front of us! All the businesses would have collapsed, thus all the economies of the world would have collapsed, and thus the life on earth would have become impossible to live.

Telecommunication is a real boon to the planet earth and truly colossus!

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