SmartyDNS Lets Unblock Blocked Sites in a Few Seconds

It is a bit surprising to find that the Internet, which is said to be globally available and accessible, has various kinds of restrictions based on location and geographical regions. One of the most noticeable examples for this is streaming & media sites that have limited accessibility to certain regions; we can take the case of Hulu or Netflix. Thankfully, the very same internet has some options that let you surpass these restrictions in a few clicks and in this post, we have come up with the review of one of the such software available for day-to-day use — SmartyDNS. First of all, we shall have an introduction to SmartyDNS, discussing its use in life of a typical internet user.

An Introduction to SmartyDNS

So, suppose you are a non-US resident who badly wants to access sites that are restricted to US residents. Well, that list includes Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and a lot of sites that are worth checking out. Nevertheless, by means of SmartyDNS, you will be able to access such websites without even involving in those techy stuff. SmartyDNS offers support for a wide range of devices, which we will talk about later. Plus, SmartyDNS is truly impressive in terms of its UI and you will definitely love this. Now, we shall move on to noteworthy aspects of SmartyDNS such as usability and pricing of the solution. First, considering your primary intention, we will have a look on SmartyDNS’s top features.


Features we Loved

  • One of the major issues of using DNS services to access blocked websites is that such solutions will reduce speed of internet connection in such a way that streaming media through the connection will be a tiresome task and even the basic internet functions may be at trouble. The case of SmartyDNS, however, is different, because, when compared to other DNS solutions, SmartyDNS keeps internet speed at the same level.
  • When compared to other solutions available for the same purpose, SmartyDNS offers wide range of support, as you can use the software in a variety of platforms as well as devices. For instance, you can use the tool in your Windows PC or Mac OS X whereas some kinds of other devices such as iOS and Android Smartphones as well as smart TVs like Samsung Smart TV and Apple TV. In addition to this, you can use SmartyDNS to grab unblocked content for gaming consoles like Xbox and PS3.



In comparison with those of other tools, SmartyDNS is quite affordable and its plans are brought in such a way that it is possible to find the most appropriate plan for you in a few seconds. According to current pricing plan, you can get the service for one month by paying $4.95 whereas the two-month plan is available for a rate of $13.45 and you will be able to save around $1.40. Similarly, there is a notable discount in pricing as you move forward with plans. One of the best things about pricing plans of SmartyDNS is that you can have a 14-day free trial, during which you can really test the tool to make your further decision. Plus, SmartyDNS has a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.


In light of our experience, SmartyDNS and particularly its dedicated connection client for Windows PC is a truly nice one, as it lets us establish the connection in a few seconds. So, we really loved the User Interface of SmartyDNS.

Our Verdict on SmartyDNS

In light of our experience with SmartyDNS, we really loved SmartyDNS, particularly when it comes to the simplicity of establishing a connection and accessing blocked sites.

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