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Review of Kidhar Hai App

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Kidhar Hai is an interesting application available in the market to keep track of your loved ones through GPS Navigation in your cell phones.  It helps keep your family in sync and trouble free.

Available on two platforms Android and iOS, this app makes for a good to go location tracking device with a plethora of different applications. So this is how it usually works, smartphones send their location signal to Kidhar Hai via GPS and Wi-Fi data or carrier data for accurate location tracking, and keeps your tracker updated about your current location. With over a thousand downloads for last few months of its inception, this comparatively new player in the field of Location tracking and fleet management has a long way to go. This app is for concerned spouses, paranoid parents, troubled travellers and fleet managers.

Set Up of Kidhar Hai App

Set up of the application is a rather simple process than other family locator apps where setting up takes up a lot of time. The app just prompts you for your essential details, followed by a security code to verify user’s authenticity, and voila the app is all good to go.

Once the account is active after the setup on your phone, you will need to add contacts of each family member in order to add them to the Kidhar Hai service and vice versa they need to add you in case you wish to locate them or keep track of them.

This process might be time taking at the beginning but it is worth the effort. Each and every member has to be added separately.  The fact that it is an, opt in location tracking system, implies that you cannot be tracked without your permission and hence location privacy is being granted. Your family members will know that they are being monitored and may have an option to give access to their location details.

User Interface and Design

The Kidhar Hai App interface is quite straightforward and easy to use. It does not include text and email messaging options as provided by some location apps and services. On the other hand, the map interface itself doesn’t seem distracting and quite bogged down by extras on the map. It is clutter free and fairly simple to use.

Talking about the design part, there’s not much into it. Use of attractive bright colours would have done a fairly great job. The icons used in the app are also quite simple but favours the purpose of an easy and hassle free app usage.


This app is power packed with a whole lot of features. The usage of the app can be also diversified into a variety of purposes.  Providing a myriad of features is one thing that makes this app a standout from others.

kidhar hai app
Features such as, ‘Share a Location’ and ‘SOS requests’ gives this app an extra plus point from its contemporaries, which at present do not have such an option. With ‘Safety of Women’ being their selling point this app has hit the right chord for their marketing strategies.

kidhar hai app_1
It definitely comes in with a plethora of uses apart from tracking your kids and safety of your kin. It also specialises in Fleet management, workforce management, vehicle theft protection and tracking of lost phone as its other applications.

Still a lot more features are needed to be added for a complete package. We should be able to see a few relevant add-ons in their subsequent versions.

Download and Installation

The app is currently available for Android and iOS so you can use the links mentioned below and follow the installation process which is very simple.

Android Link –

iOS Link –

The Verdict

At present the app is free of cost and there are no in app purchases as well, making it a hundred percent free app. According to their philosophy, safety is much more important than anything else, hence the provided premium services are being given off at no cost at all.

Overall, the Kidhar Hai App is quite overwhelming. The map interface seems to have a lot minimum than expected keeping it clean and easy to use. Provision of a variety of features serves the purposes and bags itself an extra plus point. An overall thumbs up for this app.

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