A Word of Advice: Put Your Files on a Dedicated Hosting Server

Most of us already know that a dedicated hosting server service is in fact a server infrastructure that is leased from a third party provider for the sole use of your company. It is also kept offsite from the company you run. Companies that offer server hosting services are there to fulfil your specific server hardware needs, For more hardware options and dedicated servers click here. They are professionals who understand exactly the package you need depending on the amount of data you have. When you are deciding on which service provider to choose, a best practice is to check them out on Twitter and other social media where you can browse through the company’s downtime alerts and follow reviews made by their current customers.

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Is a dedicated hosting server suitable for your company?

You are most likely asking yourself, “Why should I spend money to get a dedicated server?” And the answer is this: if you have a database that requires physical hardware or your company generates massive amounts of data from website traffic to accounting transactions, then you will need more RAM, storage space and bandwidth than feasibly available to you if you were to choose a hosting plan utilizing a shared or virtual server hosting service. Those limited plans could never keep up with the scale of data you will throw at them so the best plan for your company would be a single-user dedicated hosted server option. This ensures that you don’t have to share server performance or space with any other company and you are the soul user of that entire server with its dedicated hardware.

Free up your time for your business

There are so many hosted server service providers on the market today, those like Go Daddy, Rackspace, Dream Host and 1and1 are but a few of the well-known dedicated hosting server service providers that specialize in making sure that their customer’s data is kept secure on the highest quality server hardware. Any IT professional will tell you that all servers need care and support and that could range from simply rebooting, updating, or patching the hardware. Those tasks usually require some level of human interaction, if you are a small or large organization that human interaction will cost you something in the way of a salary being paid to a full-time employee.

But when you elect a server hosting provider to host your server, you receive a turn-key operation that includes specialist that know how to maintain your server and a dedicated account manager that will work with you to schedule the appropriate time to perform maintenance on your server.

What kind of budget do you have for your data?

There are many dedicated hosting server service providers that will work within any budget. Usually it all comes down to listing out what type of data you have and what it is that you’re looking for. Some hosting services are managed and some are unmanaged, so if you are IT savvy and you want to manage your server yourself, you can do so.

Just having your server stored offsite in itself adds a layer of safety and security to your data. If you have a fire or property damage at your company your servers and data would be securely stored offsite and stay accessible to your customers while you tend to any internal problems at your building.

On the other hand, you still have the option to purchase hosting plans that include managed server services. These servers include a user-friendly control panel that allows you to see an overview of your server’s performance. The IT professional staff from your dedicated hosting server provider will take on the responsibility of monitoring your server’s bandwidth, RAM, storage space and more. So depending upon what price you want to pay for your data’s safety the hosting services some time range from as low as $49.00 per month or even up to $300.00 or more a month.

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