EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.0 Review

Technology may have simplified our lives, but it is still on backfoot when it comes to the reliability. Having a reliable smartphone or tablet doesn’t really matter but having a reliable hard drive or computer or laptop is what matters but unfortunately, that is not the case as we have seen and heard a lot about unreliable data storage system ... Read More »

Free Online Web Design & Development Courses – Top 10

Web designers and developer profession are in demand, so if you are thinking about changing your tedious work for this creative occupation, you’ll never regret about this decision. If you are an artist in your soul, it’s a sin to suppress your nature. It’s always better to try and fail than just fold your hands and watch others taking action ... Read More »

Tips to Make you a Pokemon go Master

So you’ve figured out the basics of catching Pokémon, shaking down PokéStops for supplies, and hitting the gym to train or battle. Now you’re ready for some next-level education. Here are several tips that will help you gain more levels in less time, train stronger Pokémon, and win more battles. Conserve Poké Balls Image via Flickr by Shikiro Famu Early ... Read More »