Who Is Zainil Dedhia?

Zainil Dedhia is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. He is currently specializing in the field of auditing & taxation. Born & brought up in the commerce capital of India, he is viewing his future with commerce around. Although a very foodie person, he is very slim. He loves to roam around with friends & family. Few years back, he ... Read More »

Who Is Atish Ranjan?

Atish Ranjan, a Workaholic guy who is working hard to achieve his goals. Blogging becomes his main hobby since he started blogging. His area of expertise is SEO, SEM, SMM, reputation management etc. He is very keen to learn new ideas and enjoys implementing them. He believes in “Life is all about learning and implementing.” Apart from work he loves ... Read More »

Get virtual Access to The Google Data Centers

Data centres

If we were to go ahead with a general discussion on Google, then in that case each one of us would definitely have some or the other inputs to contribute about this particular Search Engine. Google is known the world over as a one roof service provider that is capable of answering each and every question of ours irrespective of ... Read More »

1AVCenter – A Complete Audio Video Center

Technology is moving at a very fast pace. With a super increasing speed, the world is also shrinking at the same speed & hence comes the need for making the things more compact & adding up more n more features in the compacted things! 🙂 Considering these necessities of compacted & featured world, PCWinSoft has come up with a super ... Read More »

The 1st Commercial Of 1 Billion Users

One more milestone on the Web! Yesterday the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, disclosed the fact that, there are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook. Zuckerberg shared this fact by way of a post on his Facebook wall. The following is the post of Zuck: This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each ... Read More »