BitDefender Free Antivirus

BitDefender is one of the best antivirus software available on the Internet. But the issue is, BitDefender is not listed in the list of free antiviruses & every tech crazy wants a free antivirus. As of now, Avast is considered as one of the best free antivirus. But now the free antivirus software’s have got a good competitor – BitDefender ... Read More »

Orkut: The First Rage In The Social Networking Market


If you were into social media before 2008, Orkut would be a well known name for you. This was the most sorted after socializing hub before people started migrating to The company tried its best to revive its market reputation but all was in vain. Its share value and user strength kept on falling and is currently facing a ... Read More »

Twitter: Just Setting Up My twitter


Twitter is a social media service that enables you to send and read texts which are known as tweets. An undergraduate student at New York University introduced the idea of using SMS for communication with a small group of people. Originally it was known as ‘twttr’ and after that William came with the idea and the worked on project started on ... Read More »

Facebook: An Addiction Beyond Control


Facebook is a name that needs no introduction. With one billion plus users, it is undoubtedly an enormous rage throughout the world. With Google Page rank 9 its rank is 1 according to Alexa. Its USA user rank is 2. This clearly justifies its importance as a socializing hub. An average teenager spends at least 5 to 6 hours on ... Read More »

Basics of Keyword Research

Hey Friends! I am very sorry for the delay in writing the 3rd part “Keyword Research” of the series Summarized SEO World. However if you missed to check out the 1st and 2nd part of this series then please check them out:- Site Analysis Competitor Analysis So here comes the 3rd part of this series: Keyword Research Keyword Research is the ... Read More »