How to Create a Flash Photo Slideshow on Mac


Do you want to create a beautiful Flash photo slideshow of gorgeous images and amusing music? If yes, you should pay attention to a Flash Photo Slideshow Maker for Mac and Windows- Firecoresoft Slideshow Fairy for Mac and Windows. Firecoresoft Slideshow Fairy Firecoresoft slideshow fairy is a Flash Photo Slideshow Maker for Mac and Windows, which allows you to create ... Read More »

How to Build a Website with Website Builder?

Competition is everywhere! Yes, from a recent study it is very clear that there is a remarkable growth of internet usage and hundreds of new websites are created each day for various personal and professional reasons. This post offers the details of “How to build a website with website builder” to have your strategic website.   Why it is important ... Read More »

Best Home Apps to Control From Your Mobile Phone

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Do you ever leave home and worry about whether you shut the stove off or not? Did you forgot to shut the garage door or turn on the security system? Whatever you forgot to do before you left home, you can now control it all from your smartphone. Check out these useful home controlling apps. Crestron The Crestron app allows ... Read More »

What Happens When You Delete A File? & How To Recover Deleted Files?


We all may require deleting some specific files in our personal computers at some point or the other. Deleting the irrelevant or non-essential data always helps because it releases unnecessary occupied memory. However, the process of deleting files, as simple as it may seem, has a logic and concept behind it, which we often tend to neglect or we simply ... Read More »

Edit & Hack The Hosts File – Part 2

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Welcome to the second post in the series “Working with Hosts file” where we are learning to work with the hosts file in our operating system. [Recommended Reading: Working With Hosts File – Part 1] [Recommended Reading: Custom Made Hosts File – Part 3] Hosts File This is the 2nd post in the series of  Working With Hosts File, we ... Read More »