Complete Guide How to Operate Windows 8

How To Use Windows 8

Windows 8 has been in demand for some time now and it is still seeing its spread all over. Users may have already seen many differences in Windows 8 as compared to the early versions. As a matter of fact, Windows 8 has seen the greatest amount of changes since the updating of Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. Many variations ... Read More »

How To Operate Windows 8 – Part 5

windows 8 start menu

Welcome to the fifth post in the series “Guide on how to operate Windows 8” where we are exploring Windows 8 features both basic and advanced. We are toward the end of the series and this is the final post where we are going to cover some other important features. [Recommended Reading – 1st Part on How To Operate Windows 8] ... Read More »

EE iPhone 5; Redefining Brilliance

iPhone 5 is a luring and amazingly designed Smartphone which comes with a wide array of features. This phone is endowed with intriguing features that are not only smart but are also immensely user friendly. From the superb camera, to the high definition picture quality or even the dynamic audio; this phone actually redefines brilliance. Moreover, the amazing built and ... Read More »

Directory Submission – Be Careful

directory submissions

I am done with the basic on page posts of the series Summarized SEO World, Now I am starting to write about the Off page SEO posts. The first one in my list is Directory Submission which is one of the oldest and traditional link building technique. Yes, Directory submission has been one of the easiest and most used link ... Read More »

Bitdefender offers exclusive prizes in Get Your PhotON contest

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2014

We’re in 2013 and if you take a look outside you’d be able to see how computers are in use in each and every other place and its of utmost importance that you keep your computer out of harms’ way and that is by protecting it from potential attacks, spam, malware and other viruses which could destroy your computer. Inspired ... Read More »