How To Operate Windows 8 – Part 4

windows 8 logo

Welcome to the fourth post in the series of “guide on how to operate windows 8”. The post will cover other additional features and aspects of windows 8 that you could learn to use. [Recommended Reading – 1st Part on How To Operate Windows 8] [Recommended Reading – 2nd Part on How To Operate Windows 8] [Recommended Reading – 3rd ... Read More »

Keep bugs away with Microsoft Security Essential

Have you safe guarded your computer right, yet? You might know about the Microsoft Security Essentials, which is designed is perfect to install by itself and also get updated automatically. Microsoft has recently launched the latest version of this protection software for 32-bit or 64-bit computer. Microsoft Essential Security avails the best features ensuring free antivirus software that helps to ... Read More »

What is Robots.txt File and How to Set it up?


Hi Again! As I promised to write all the basic SEO tips on, I have started the series Summarized SEO world and now I am writing its 8th part which is about Robots.txt. Hope you are enjoying the basic SEO tips here. If you have suggestions then do let me know. I love to hear from you. In case ... Read More »

Image Optimization: Optimize Images For Search Engines

SEO optimization of images

Here comes the 7th part of the series Summarized SEO world and it’s about optimizing the images for better SEO of your websites or blogs. As we all know that content is indeed the first thing which helps a site to rank well for targeted keywords but images are also important to make a site look attractive and beautiful.  The ... Read More »

Content Optimization: Optimize Content for Search Engines


Here comes the 6th part of the series “Summarized SEO world” and its about Content Optimization. Content optimization became one of the most important Strategies in the world of Google’s zoo of black & white Animals. Yes, the first animal Google Panda which specially attacks to the sites which has low quality and copied content.  Because of this update content ... Read More »