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Acts like a Cool Dude, Rocks like a Star: Google Plus


At the very first glance Google Plus appears as a new found petite application that people might enjoy employing for themselves, to serve numerous purposes. After being launched on June 28, 2011, it started functioning officially on September 20, 2011. Slowly like in the butterfly life cycle, as the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, Google Plus has emerged vivid ... Read More »

Google Nexus 10 Vs ipad4 Vs Surface RT tablets

Tablet war

If you are planning to get your hands on a tablet then you might have got confounded by the three giants of gadgets’ innovations this year. Google’s nexus 10, Apple’s ipad 4 and Microsoft’s surface tablets have been among the most desirable tablets lately. Each one having its own highly developed features has garnered real thirst for gadgets from people. ... Read More »

Getting To Know Google Nexus 10


Introduction to the Tablet Industry: As you all must be very well aware, the 21st century is known to be dominated by Smartphones and tablets at large. Gone are the times when people were happy using personal computers and laptops. Today what each and every individual is looking forward is to sport a sophisticated tablet. If you were to take ... Read More »

Get virtual Access to The Google Data Centers

Data centres

If we were to go ahead with a general discussion on Google, then in that case each one of us would definitely have some or the other inputs to contribute about this particular Search Engine. Google is known the world over as a one roof service provider that is capable of answering each and every question of ours irrespective of ... Read More »

3 Best Messaging Apps That I Would Recommend to Indian Users

The days, when socializing in the real world was popular are almost gone. Now, people are more interested in socializing with others on the internet. The main reason is, in this competitive world, we don’t actually find much time to meet people all the time, but while being in office or home, we can be connected to many friends or ... Read More »