How to recover deleted text messages from Samsung

Previously, the purpose of recover the deleted text messages from mobile phone is only for retrieving data in work place. But nowadays, the deleted text messages recovery become more common and useful for everyone. For example, parents can check the deleted text messages from kid’s mobile phone to trace the education strategy. Anyway, the main usage for deleted data is ... Read More »

Google’s Nest To Aquire Dropcam For $555 Million

Google owned Nest has reportedly purchased the WiFi Video Monitoring Company, Dropcam for a whooping $555 Million. Let’s discuss this tech news in this post. At the Worldwide Developers Conference, held earlier this month, Apple proudly announced its HomeKit. Shortly, after rumors regarding Google’s latest interest in acquiring Dropcam have started floating, and Nest, which was recently acquired by Google, ... Read More »

Top 5 Tools to Add a Voiceover for a Video


Adding a voiceover on your video will make it more interesting. Voiceover is an important element of many videos to send a stronger message and get the message across the audience. You can easily add voiceovers to your video projects using the top 5 tool to add a voiceover for a video. 1. Pinnacle Studio 16 The Pinnacle Studio 16 ... Read More »

Gifcam : Easy and Fun animated GIF making app.

GifCam Image!

These days GIF images are more popular than the traditional images. It’s an art to make any kind of animated images. You need lots of editing work to make a single GIF Image. By Using Photoshop, you can make a GIF Image but it may look awkward or you can either edit any video to make a GIF image, for ... Read More »

Top Eight Background Noise Generators

Do you know that background noises can greatly effect your sleeping patterns. You might not have realized it but even the absence of the ticking clock of your home might be the reason of your sleeplessness in a new surrounding. Background noises can also at times influence your dreams, so the sound of a ticking clock or a gentle waterfall ... Read More »