GetResponse Vs MailChimp, Who is the Winner?

Do you own a blog/website? If yes, then you might have known that the traffic building is a challenging task. You work around the clock to get visitors to your site through search engines and social media, Isn’t it? However, how will you make them come back regularly? What is the effective way to stay in touch with your customers? ... Read More »

9 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills In 2015

improve writing

If you own a website or blog, I don’t feel the need to describe, how important writing skills are for a blogger or a website owner. Content marketing is one of the most important marketing skills nowadays. And there are chances to grow it even more in the future. Freelance writing, book writing, editor in a big news company, there ... Read More »

Why Every Blogger Ought to Know About Infolinks?

It is apparent that most bloggers still can’t make much money from their blogging efforts. Why? Because they don’t know which monetization model they should follow. If you are also struggling with the same problem, Infolinks can help you. Infolinks is a top notch advertising program, which offers a number of advertising products for all—advertisers, publishers, and organizations. Started in ... Read More »

Top 5 Smartphones under 15k – June 2015

The Smartphone market is a very competitive world. Smartphones are available in many price ranges ranging from just 5k to mighty 60k. We have some cheap phones from companies like Intex, Spice etc. and we have some costly phones from companies like LG, Apple etc. The under 15k price range is considered as the most competitive category as users wish ... Read More »

Virtual Reality – All you need to know about its history, present and the future!!

Technology is making progress fast. In the last fifty years itself we have seen some great improvements in the technology we use in day to day life. Our phones have become more than just communication devices. They are now like powerful computers that we carry in our pockets. Even the transport industry changed so much in last 3-4 decades. We ... Read More »