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MyThemeShop Vs ThemeJunkie

Posted by Atish Ranjan | 17 Comments

This post brings to you some cues about MyThemeShop and ThemeJunkie. Both have interesting features that make them work wonders for you. There is a whole monsoon of thoughts that when accompanied with favorable features sets perfect occasion for a healthy rainfall. Not forgetting, the promise of a rich harvest.

As a Theme Seller, MyThemeShop has hit it off with a few new more ravishing screenshots that would make a picture perfect to linger in your long-term memory forever! Roaring with chivalrous majestic grace, yes, that is indeed the way you can describe the new themes for the year 2013, you would get mesmerized by their powerful sting. Yes, as you behold them, focusing your gaze on the MyThemeShop galleria, you would gain a whole lot of ideas in your mind on where to put the theme into use, and how to go about it along with other Cadbury-stuff.

Furthur readings:

Compared to their rival buddies Themejunkie, you can say both have their own separate niche segments as none is trying to outdo the other. Crack a nut and chew the contents! It is the taste that matters. MyThemeShop would be relevant to the not-so-nonchalant developers who want it to be quick, ready made and still very, very affable to view. Happy New Year 2013 + Free WordPress Theme: Portal falls in the similar category of holiday goers who land up at exotic locations in the process.


mythemeshopCompare Theme work of Awake: the latest WordPress theme, with any other. You would find that it gives a metro oriented outlook to your mega project with its color-rich charisma, layout and other best features that makes the rebel in you, lie awake! Bombshell! The developer remains shell- shocked upon viewing it! Likewise, the Vogue Theme appears true to its name. If you have a stealer’s glance then you are right to have this theme to shelve out new projects using Vogue!

Elvin WP 3.5 is aimed at creating galleries for you to explore the person behind your mask! The Woodie theme is a MyThemeShop verdict on how creativity vitalizes responsiveness from your work. Try TruePixel Update to release your horse to race ahead in full speed, make him a champ.

As Themejunkie Makes Way to your Heart!

Bristling with life, shaking with the to-and-fro motion of the wind, ThemeJunkie has a whole magic-Shoppe collectibles for your Shopping cart. Out here are: CeleBoom, Astronomo Amador from theme: Daily, IntechBB, and Feed Modding from theme: Freshlife, What are you dealing with, from theme: gadget, are total works of art that are speaking professional wisdom inside out! Compared with MyThemeShop, one ought to say that here you enjoy luxury of having to work with fertile minds along with the freedom to play hopscotch whenever you want to. Deep is the sea, you have to make way, so dive in and swim before the underwater mysteries are revealed to you. Themejunkie is designer’s plenty. 

What is the Technical Buzzword?

Technically sound internet buffs are crow watching Themejunkie mastered USP features like: Advancement in the use of Control Panel, Sidebar Widgets, FeedBurner Support enabled, Access to Customized Templates, Designs with very less or negligible interference of table framework, and many other features that you would prefer to have.

With an eye of a perusing eagle, you can count the positives of MyThemeShop like: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), complete response to your stimulus, custom dashboard design, along with Custom Options Panel, readiness for translations, numerous color schemes & backgrounds that can send you on a hunting spree anytime. Integration of Social Media sites is another plus.

As simple as it sounds: if  ThemeJunkie comes from Persia, MyThemeShop comes from a plethora of countries like the English language that is spoken with different accents but is understood everywhere.

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