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With its release just one month ago Make a Cover for Facebook has yet to make a huge impact on our friends and foes Facebook Covers, however, with the release of new characters and new items I widely expect for an increasing amount of people to start making their Facebook Cover with the application “Make a Cover for Facebook.”

Designed and managed by Athena IT Limited, the same company that produced the niche Facebook Chat app “Chit Chat for Facebook” this app has a good chance of making it rather than dissolving into obscurity like the majority of new start-up apps.

The proposition of Make a Cover for Facebook is simple – people would like to make their own Facebook Cover but can’t or are unable to due to the technical skill and time required in order to make their own cover. However, whether these people (perhaps including you) would prefer to use a click by click tool to make their own cover remains to be seen.

Facebook timeline cover
With that said, according to my research, there is a sizable amount of people that are looking for tools to make their own Facebook Cover each month, and as such, there is possibly demand – the currently utilities on offer on the internet revolve around a paintbrush or your own photographs and as such, Make A Cover has somewhat a unique selling point.

Make A Cover for Facebook’s intention is to offer users the opportunity to create their own cover fashioning a selected character in a manner of their choosing and then allowing those users the opportunity to set their creations as their Facebook cover.

The designs with which users have to work with are artistic, elegant and varied – as such, there should be enough appeal to young, old, teens and twenties alike. However, the danger of this creative cover app has is trying to become all things to all people – it should focus more or risk not picking up market share as users struggle to find the items that they want within the tool.

In my opinion, the app is simple, unassuming and elegantly designed – however, the charm and appeal of the characters on offer is what will make or break the success of this app. We’ve seen the widespread appeal of the Wii character (WiiMe) and Microsoft’s in Xbox characters could the same appeal of characters as your Facebook Cover become apparent?

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