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LinkedIn – The Best Professional Network

It is a professional way of social interaction and was founded in 2002 and launched on May 2003. It is the most globally connection media as it is spread over 200 countries and with millions of professional using it.

Reid Hoffman the founder of LinkedIn was born on 5 august 1967 who was a member of PayPal and done his graduation from Stanford University.  In college life he wanted to make a large impact and came up with idea that academic will help him but later he realized that entrepreneur career would provide him the platform that he was looking for. Then he founded LinkedIn which is one of the best and largest platform for career related information and connections.
Advertisement is the biggest source of revenue for any company and same is in case of LinkedIn it offers you to advertise your business and ads at a starting plan of $10 per day and many more schemes.  In second quarter of 2011 the revenue was $228.2 million which shows a 90% of increase as compare to the first quarter of revenue. Main revenue source for this site is following

  • Hiring Solutions
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Premium Subscriptions

Users, competitors and Statistics

LinkedIn is currently having 161 million subscribers who have a membership with LinkedIn and it is way ahead of its competitors Viadeo and Xing who have 35 million and 10 million subscribers only. It has around 50 million users in US and 60 million users outside. And as it is way for the professional approximately 15 million college students have subscribed with it. And till now around 200 million users are going to be a part of LinkedIn family. Revenue generated by it in second quarter of 2012 is about $210 million which is more than the revenue generated by twitter and other social media.


It is a way of success for a new comer to enter into the world of professionals and spread out the connections to get most of it. It provides you with the company information as well as the employees who are working and you can connect with them if you know them.

  • It provides you with the direct connection and show the related connection through whom you are connected.
  • It provides you with jobs according to your profile and resume and you can refine it according to your need by changing the place etc.
  • User photo is also there to identify for the person you are looking for.
  • You can save your jobs for the future and can apply after.

It has launched a mobile scan app that will scan your business card and store the contact information and this has increased the users dynamically and according to the founder mobile users are increasing by 400% year by year.
If you are new and want to know about the jobs fields you should join etc you can use LinkedIn answers to get an answer to your question. It is available in over 20 languages and is the largest platform of professionals.

Connectivity is the key to success and it is well proved by LinkedIn. Entering in to the world of professionals one should have knowledge about the profession and in any field you should have connection to overtake others and this is the mission of LinkedIn. It also gives you featured jobs if you are having a membership with LinkedIn which is not available for the normal users. So join LinkedIn and make your professional career strong and give a strong base. Share your experience with others to show them how it will benefit you.

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