Learn More about Websites: Interview with TemplateMonster’s CEO David Braun

Meeting a personality with an innovative mindset is always and great luck and pleasure. It’s a perfect chance to find out a lot about those things you didn’t know and learn from the experience of a successful person.

David Braun is one of those outstanding personalities who inspires others with his energy, creative ideas, and dreams. He is a successful entrepreneur, volunteer in a couple of social projects, father of 3 kids, musician, and traveler. We’ve met him a few days ago and asked to share his vision of the world, business and web design.

Hello, David! Thank you for finding time to talk to us. Since you are the CEO of one of the biggest templates provider, let’s start with the question about it. How did you come up with the idea of creating this kind of company? How did appeared?

Hi! Thank you for the invitation. is a project that was born out of a small web design studio in my hometown. I and a couple of my friend created a website for our clients. One day I noticed that our designer builds a website using elements he stored in his own library. It was like a miracle – he built a website fast, and that website looked absolutely great.

We knew little about website templates then. We started exploring this idea, digging deeper and launched our website templates store – First, we crafted HTML and PSD templates. Then we started creating themes for such popular platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. Today there are more than 26,000 templates in our marketplace and their number grows.

26,000?! What a huge number! You must be worked hard creating hundreds of templates everyday?

It is called a template, right? So it shouldn’t be absolutely unique. But we always try to introduce something original into the design or add some more options so a customer can tweak the template the way they wish. Imagine that – we often can’t recognize our own templates when we see final results of our customers. They manage to create absolutely one-of-a-kind examples.

Are you still creating templates in HTML? What platforms are your favorite?

I think one of the secrets of the success is that we do not discard some platforms in favor for other ones. Today we offer templates for pretty all existing platforms for website building. Thus, you can easily find on our website themes for Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, etc.

Each platform has its own peculiarities, features, advantages and drawbacks. And it’s great that users can choose from a huge variety of platforms and templates that meet their requirements exactly.

Agree. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors of the company’s success.

Exactly. So when a customer lands on our website, we always try to make the best offer for one. We usually force our customers to leave feedback after the purchase. Thus we can find out what people need and work on satisfaction of their needs.

I guess, our attention to our clients allowed TemplateMonster to make it to the Top-3 of all web design companies on TrustPilot. But we are not to rest on the laurels. We are always looking for new options and solutions to broaden our services.

And what are those options exactly? What are, say, your main goals for the nearest future?

We’re currently working on the creation of flagship templates for each platform. And, for each niche, may be. Thus, we have recently launched our renewed Monstroid 2 for WordPress. It’s a powerful multipurpose theme that allows building a website for practically every business niche of for personal needs. Monstroid 2 includes many pre-built themes for various-themed websites. It is based on Cherry Framework what makes it responsive out-of-the-shelf without any efforts from a customer.

And we are creating similar solutions for other platforms. So our customers can buy one template and get many websites with ease. It is especially helpful for web developers who work with us a purchase templates for building custom websites for their own clients.

So your customer is not just an end user? How do you treat such different users?

We are working with all categories of clients. Our main focus is to web developers and end-users (small and local businesses, freelancers, charity projects, photographers, etc.).

As I said, developers usually purchase many themes, so we are offering them special terms for some themes. We also have a White Label offer for those developers and web studios who wish to earn money for their work.

We have launched a TemplateMonster Certification Center project where anyone with any level of technical skills can learn how to make a website, become a web developer and even launch their own web design studio.

For end users we also have many additional programs and services. Thus, our Help Center and Startup Hub offer tons of educational content, ebooks, webinars, videos.

For those who has no time for tweaking their template and making a website by themselves, we have a Service Center where you can get your website done for you by our qualified professionals.

Sounds almost like a custom website but, what is the point then in purchasing a template?

The bottom line is the price. Even with a price for a template plus price for its customization by our specialists will be lower than that from a web studio. And, by the way, you get it much faster.

Speaking of professionalism, what is your team as for today? Who are those people behind the TemplateMonster?

I can boast the perfect team. The best for me! I can rely on every person in TemplateMonster. They followed me to mountains; we run shoulder to shoulder in marathons. They help me in volunteer projects. And I can count on my team in every circumstance. So I can assure you – we will surprise you I future with many more cool projects and offers.

Thank you, David! It sounds great. Good luck to you with all your initiatives!

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