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How to Find your Dream Home in Chennai without any Hassle

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All those who are looking for homes in Chennai now have the facility to do so according to their whims and fancies. is a real estate portal which allows people to search properties for rent and purchase across eleven major cities of the country, Chennai being one of them. is not merely an “exchange portal” where buyers and sellers meet and strike a deal. It is a portal that offers comprehensive services to both buyers and sellers in the form of demand driven representations and trend analysis. This portal tries to offer consumers what they want by analyzing their requirements. Complex data analysis and use of latest programming techniques are behind the latest information provided by this real estate portal.

Detailed-Listing-View allows a person to search for accommodations via sales and purchase modes. Additionally, one can look for new projects, land and plots in the city as well. PG accommodations and hostels for students and working professionals are also easily available via this portal.

When one finally selects a property for purchase, also allows a buyer to opt for home loans from the same portal as well. One precaution to take is to make sure that the home you select to purchase doesn’t have any major issues, especially water leaks in the roof, siding, or foundation. To check for this you will need to use a reliable third party like Tredent Roofing to make an expert evaluation and any necessary repairs.

How is useful in property search?

Assume a buyer wants a home in Chennai. The option for searching an independent house for sale in Chennai does not come up initially. Including different types of accommodations being offered in the beginning can confuse a buyer. Therefore all a buyer gets to choose from is a selection of one or more accommodation types according to the number of rooms.

The search result opens up in a screen which displays a map of Chennai and the houses are shown in a circular area marked on the map. The default radius tends to be 2 kilometres from the centre of Chennai. The buyer can extend this radius by dragging the circumference. The houses are marked in colours depicting the newness of their listings. The old listings have red shift while the newer ones go greener.

It is here that a buyer can click on the ‘Filters’ button on the top. This button opens a small box where there is an option to put a check mark on ‘Independent House’ and even ‘Independent Floor’ if needed.

There is a trend raging in Chennai where NRIs opt for luxury houses which occupy an entire floor. There are even duplexes available which are spread over 2 complete floors! Independent floor also exhibits these accommodations.

Apart from the map, there is a table listing immediately to the left of the map which shows a small picture of the property along with the number of rooms, area, price and location. A person can either click an item on this list or click an item on the map.

The property specifications come up. A verified stamp on the pictures means that they have been taken by the representative of and hence are authentic. One can find out all about the amenities like ATMs, schools, hospitals etc. from this box. The lifestyle rating and locality rating on top accentuate the impression of the property to create an effective image in a buyer’s mind. Hence the buyer can immediately opt for this independent house for sale in Chennai by short listing it or contacting the seller immediately.

In Conclusion allows a user to search property exactly according to his/her needs and when one is shortlisted, users can also apply for housing loans from here.

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