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How Long Does it Take to Learn C#? Best Learning Resources

Learning a programming language is one of the most deserving activities ever for a flourishing career. However, picking which programming language that you would want to learn is one of the difficult choices.

However, for the sake of this post, we have chosen C# as the best programming language for better career prospects. Why? We will explain it a little later.

how long does it take to learn C#
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For now, we just want to answer one prime question – How long does it take to learn C#?  Well, we would say, it just depends. It depends on various factors and proficiency levels. If you are already into programming, it should take considerably a lot less time. A rough estimate would be it would take you around there months of time to learn C# if you are ready to put in around 7 to 8 hours into the task per day.

How Long Does it Take to Learn C#?

As we already answered that question, it should be dependent upon a wide range of factors. Ideally, it should not take more than three months in most of the cases. However, if C# is your first ever programming language ever, it may take a little longer to complete your course.

Under practical circumstances, learning a programming language is equivalent to learning a new language. When learning a language, you need to learn the words, the grammar, the sentence structure and few such basic elements. Once that done, the next step would be to optimise your performance with the help of several other techniques.

It would also be dependent on the purpose you are looking to learn C#. If you are aiming to be a professional at it, you would need to put in as many as 600 hours of practice into it. And when we ay 600 hours, we mean 600 hours of practical usage than just indulging in theory.

However, if your aim is to learn C# for just a little knowledge of the language for some simple tasks, nothing more than 30 hours would be needed.

The best option would be to check out a few tutorials and start working on them. Once you are sure that you have grasped the major elements of the programming language, you can begin working on individual and personal projects. It does not need to be a sophisticated or professional project. It can be anything – even something designed for your own personal requirements. The objective of the plan is to put the knowledge you have gained into some sort of practical use. You can consult your tutorials or notes if you think you have hit a block.

What is the Best Way to Learn C#?

There are a few specific elements you should focus on when learning C#. Do remember that learning C# or any other language does not come to anybody just like that. Achieving a full degree of proficiency may take years together. The best way to learn C# or any other similar programing language would be to focus on the basics of the language. It would be equivalent to being able to be at ease with the techniques and “grammar” of the language and being able to complete a particular project.

Follow a well-defined schedule

We would advise opting for a regular schedule. You should be able to create your own schedule based on your specific requirements. A typical schedule as the best way to learn C# would be to follow the steps here below –

  • Dedicate around one hour per day into a tutorial or a video
  • Spend two hours per day in experimenting with what you have learnt.
  • Ask questions about any of the doubts you may have.


That would mean if you consistently follow the option, you should be able to put in as much as 15 hours into watching the tutorials and videos. The total time spent in the experimentation would be around 30 hours. You can take a look back into what you have learnt and how satisfied you are about your progress.

This approach should help you analyse how much more time would you need to learn C#.

Follow a few tips that should be helpful

Here are a few other options you can implement if you are looking for the best way to learn C# –

  • Try to read as much as possible about C#. There are several options you can focus on in learning every aspect of the programming language. You can even watch a video. There are multiple video resources available for learning C#.
  • Try learning a program with whatever knowledge you have gathered. It can be one of the excellent options to learn put your knowledge into a practical and applied arena.
  • Move ahead with each of the new concepts and invest your time and efforts into creating new more advanced projects.
  • Keep checking out the previous lessons to reinforce your knowledge further.


Should You Learn C#?

Well, that is exactly what we promised right in the beginning. While we have already understood how long does it take to learn C#, how about finding what makes C# a great option? Are you wondering – should I learn V++ or C#? Well, let us find why you should learn C#.

We have our own reasons for considering C# the best programming language ever. More so, if you are a beginner. Whether this is your first programming language or the nth language, we would definitely consider it the best new programming language to learn.

It comes with several advantages when compared to the other programming languages you can think of. That is precisely why we would rate C# a prime option and even better than C++.

What Makes C# a Perfect Programing Language?

For one, the C# as a programing language is one of the bright options as it provides you an excellent option of an Automatic Memory Management. It comes with a powerful set of features and functions and even class libraries. When you compare it with the other platforms like Node. js or JavaScript, C# offers you access to an enhanced level of safety features.

Microsoft does offer huge support to C#. The .NET framework depend heavily on C# and offers you access to a huge list of libraries that prove to be handy in providing excellent performance for file system and security system management.

The fact that Microsoft has been actively involved in the development of C# has been one of the reasons that makes it one of the languages that has been receiving rapid updates. In fact, the language has a dedicated community involved in filing bugs, sending corrections, or submitting features proposals. You should also find a dedicated repository on GitHub as well for the development of the language.

Yet another reason that we find it the best programing language to learn is the availability of a considerably larger user base. This is useful in getting access to a better degree of troubleshooting solutions. You would also be able to get access to better coding assistance with that kind of a user base.

Why Learn C#?
Why learn C#? We recommend it just because it is modern in approach, easy to learn, and a perfect object-oriented language. It offers you a scalable, reliable and robust option for industry-specific applications. What should make it a prime language is its ability to supporting every aspect that a modern application would looking for.

So, next time someone asks you should I learn C++ or C#, or even should I learn Java or C#, you should now have doubt in answering them – In either case, C# is the best programming language you should prefer.

Is Unity the Best Way to Learn C#?

Well, learning a programming language is not only about understanding the syntax and codes. It is more about how to put the knowledge to some practical use. The right way to learn programming is to achieve a few specific goals. The ability to create a few working projects is the key to learning a new programming language, and obviously – this holds good for C# as well.

Learning C# is all about how well you have been able to practice it. When it comes to practising programming, Unity should be one of the excellent options. Once again, if you are wondering how long does it take to learn C# for Unity, it should not necessarily be more than three to four months.

Do note that Unity is the de-facto language for Unity. With more than 80 per cent o the users using C# as their primary language, the best way to learn C# for Unity is to consult the books specifically designed for the platform. We will check out the best options for the books in the later section of this post.

In case you are still wondering how to learn C# for Unity, yet another excellent option would be to check out the example snippets of the codes available on Unity. You would be able to switch between C#, JavaScript, and Boo and compare the codes.

How to Find the Best Book to Learn C#?

Learning C# involves going through wide range of resources. This can include using a huge number of resources such as books, online courses, and of course, video tutorials.
When it comes to books pertaining to C#, a few good options can include the following wonderful options. Here are a few wonderful books you can check out.

Beginning C# Object Oriented Programming

Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming

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The book offers you an excellent option to learn C# in the right perspective from day one. Authored by Dan Clarke, the book is quite fast-paced and provides you access to a streamlined approach to learn C# in a more beginner-friendly approach.

A few wonderful options offered by the book include

  • Access to learning desktop, mobile and web-based user interfaces.
  • Service-oriented programming skills
  • Exposure to real-world scenarios.

The book Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming is an excellent option to learn programming in a more success-oriented pattern. 

C# in Depth

C# in Depth

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The book C# in Depth is designed to provide you access to the wonderful new features added to C# 5, 6 and 7. Compiled by C# legend Jon Skeet, the book offers you the possibility of working with asynchronous functions, expression-bodied members, interpolated strings, tuples, and much more.

Some of the advanced features offered by the platform can include

  • The book provides you with a truly engaging and authoritative approach.
  • It offers you access to better skill, style, and confidence.
  • Find new ways to get access to big data applications, cloud-centric web development, and cross-platform software using .NET Core
C#: Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well

C#: Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well. C# for Beginners with Hands-on Project. (Learn Coding Fast with Hands-On Project Book 3) by [LCF Publishing, Jamie Chan]

C#: Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well

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Want to learn the complex concepts in C# in a simple and easy to follow steps? The C#: Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well is one of the best options. The book offers you access to a set of carefully chosen examples. Even if you have no coding experience before, the tips in the book offer you access to an improved learning experience. 

Some features that the book offers you would include

  • Carefully selected topics to help you learn C# effectively.
  • A faster learning experience.
  • Suits both amateurs and experts alike.

The book focusses on the application of practical examples and application of your knowledge gained in each of the concepts.

Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D

Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D

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Specifically designed for use with Unity, the Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D should be one of the excellent options to learn C#. It can be the prime options to learn C# without any programming experience. 

Some features offered would include

  • It serves as an excellent option for the beginners in C# in Unity
  • The examples are quite simpler and easy to understand.
  • Learn the basics and tricks that C# offers you.

The Closing Remarks For Learning C#

C# is indeed one of the most advanced programming languages and we find it to be one of the prime options for a widely used language ever. The programming language lets you practically get into any of the tasks – right from server applications to mobile apps to 3D games.

With the latest version 8.0 released in 2020, C# has become one of the prime options if you are contemplating learning a new programming language. If you have been wondering how long does it take to learn C#, it should not take anywhere beyond three months if you follow the tips and ideas we have outlined above. Check them out and pick your best bet.

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