Happy Friendship Day: Know these Friendship Day facts

The first Sunday of the month of August is celebrated as Friendship Day and brings in happiness in people’s lives. Friendship Day is a popular culture in western countries, but in India this day was popularized by Karan Johar (the famous Director) in 1998 through the character of Rahul and Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Friendship Day Bands online are now hugely available to add glitter to your festival.


Here are some of the facts about Friendship Day that you should know.

  1. In the year 1935 the US Congress decided to acknowledge a day in the name of friends and since then Friendship Day has been celebrated. Now this day is also dedicated to some incidents that happened in the past. After the First World War, the consequences were wrecking the societies. There was enmity, mistrust, anger, and hostility among people and that’s why this day was declared to promote harmony and friendship among people.
  1. Very soon it became quite popular and spread across the world. The spirit as well as ambition of this festival was eagerly accepted all over the world. And we have to thank US for initiating this festival and thus it made us thank our friends in a better way.
  1. The tradition of celebrating this friendship day includes exchange of flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards. In countries like USA, the Friendship Day is no less than a carnival following rock band performances.
  1. The United Nations declared Winnie – the Pooh as the Ambassador of Friendship for the whole world in the year 1997.
  1. Various names have been offered to various Friendship Day celebrations. For example, the first Sunday of August is called the National friendship Day, the third Sunday of August is named Women’s Friendship Day, and the third week of May is dedicated to Old Friends, while the whole month of February is termed to be the Friendship month.
  1. Pink and yellow color of roses is the best kind of flowers that are gifted to friends, both old and new.
  1. Charles Darwin even said some nice lines about friendship and that is, “A man’s friendships are one of the measures of his worth”.
  1. A friendship band which is also known as friendship bracelets is generally believed to be the token of friendship that one friend lovingly ties on the wrist of the other one. It is also a symbol of good social status.

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