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Acts like a Cool Dude, Rocks like a Star: Google Plus

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At the very first glance Google Plus appears as a new found petite application that people might enjoy employing for themselves, to serve numerous purposes. After being launched on June 28, 2011, it started functioning officially on September 20, 2011. Slowly like in the butterfly life cycle, as the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, Google Plus has emerged vivid with colors, bearing the radiance of the sunlight.
If you might call Google Plus correctly, it is the name given to a social networking service made operational by Google Inc., founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These guys deserve full credit of having brought Google Plus to life, feature by feature, step by step, never missing out on any of the single most detail possible.

Internet Marketing to earn revenue through Google Plus

There are several ways in which Google Plus is generating its revenue. Google Plus offers effective web marketing elucidations for e marketers, web developers and owners of businesses online. By submitting your website to Google Plus, you can boast of getting huge traffic for your benefit. In short, Google Plus assists people to get recommendations from their social networking sites to help them in making buying decisions, thus helping companies in earning money from Google social networking. Search Engine Optimization is one big theory converted into practical, offering pragmatic solutions. With Google Plus being operational on your site, you ought to have better chances of increasing your search engine rankings. Spending as many as 10 minutes a day on your Google Plus Account, getting huge traffic for your blogs securing SEO results that can make your day an occasion to celebrate!


Statistical Review on how many people use Google plus daily

Google Plus, a successful multilingual social networking service has now started flying higher up in the air and sky is the only limit. With 500 million registered users, out of whom, 235 million are active users on a month to month basis, Google Plus is popular and right on target.

Who is competing with Google Plus?

It is being rightly said that if you are a small business owner, going on a head hunting spree for a new job or for getting new business connections, you ought to try your luck in conjunction with Google Plus. While Bing is another search engine aimed at social search, both are prudent in showing links that surfers’ social connections online have favored or shared, in order to get higher ranks in search results. It’s not a big act of secrecy that your Bing search is integrated with Facebook, which helps you get multiple references to your Facebook buddies. Whereas if you are logged in to your Google Plus account you can bump into people from your social neighborhood on the Circles, and Gmail connections, thus influencing your search results to a higher degree.

Whether lies the future of Google Plus?

The amalgamation of Google Plus with You Tube, Google search engine, Gmail, Places, et al is a big advantage that would help Google Plus thrive in future. Google Hangouts continue to provide an experience unmatched by the likes of Skype, Facebook online video chat. Google Plus has financial security and due to which lesser influx of revenue generated through ads won’t let money be an issue. The future holds good for Google Plus with its performance improving to a safer degree.

What People Opine about Google Plus?

Shane Weasly:

“Google Plus is hard to ignore with all its tools in the tool kit. I use it more to connect with people who I even haven’t met. For some personal reason, I had left LI and FB, I simply love Plus.”

Sarah Collins:

“I already have my contacts on Facebook and Twitter, but I don’t mind joining “hangouts” for sheer fun. My concept of having online fun is to let the doors and windows open to let fun come from all the sides. Kudos to ‘girls just wanna have some fun!’”

The valuable inputs of surfers who are using Google Plus are invited. Come; join the bandwagon to create history through web pages.

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