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Google Launches Indoor Maps in India

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Google has always managed to keep people anticipated regarding its new products as well as services. Every now and then, a number of value added as well as utility features are introduced by Google, which become a favourite among the masses within no time. The latest addition to its list of impeccable features is the Google Indoor Maps in India. This announcement was made by Google on Wednesday. Further talking about this service, the company also said that people who access internet form their iOS; Android as well as personal computers will now be able to access 75 different places located in 22 different cities in the country, by exactly looking at the floor plans.


A closer look at Indoor Maps from Google

People may get confused wondering if they will be able to look inside their homes and offices. Well, Google Indoor Maps will allow you to take a closer look at some of the museums, convention halls as well as shopping complexes within India. The only problem is that so far it is enabled for only 75 places and that too located in big cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Raipur and Ludhiana among others.

When contacted, the Director and Product Manager of Google Maps, Mr. Suren Ruhela said” We launched indoor maps in countries like the US earlier. Now we are bringing it to India. We worked with mall owners and authorities that manage a place to get the floor plans and location details and have added that information to Google Maps. For now we are starting with 75 places. But as we get feedback from consumers and work with more partners, we hope to add more places. Malls are getting bigger and there are occasions when we are looking for a shop and can’t find it. Through the indoor maps feature, you can locate the shop with help of your phone. You don’t have to go all the way back to a mall’s main gate to look for the floor plan”.

Apart from this, the company also said that this service will be made available to the users as soon as possible. Basically anyone using an Android or iOS powered smart phone will be able to use Google Indoor Maps. There is nothing new to be done for this purpose. An update will be prompted on their devices for updating the Google Maps. Once they update their devices, they will be able to use Google Indoor Maps once the update is completed.

In order to use this feature, smart phone and PC users will need an internet connection so that their current location can be determined by Google Indoor Maps. Since GPS and Wi-Fi signals may not be strong inside the buildings, it will be appropriate if the users will have their Wi-Fi scanning feature turned on for their devices.

Working of Google Indoor Maps:

Google Indoor Maps are useful for determining the indoor floor plans of any of the above mentioned kind of buildings. So, all the plans of indoor floors are integrated within this feature from Google. This feature gets activated automatically when a user zooms in and it gets disabled when the user zooms out of the Google Map. This feature comes across to be very handy for visitors and it also helps you to have an enjoyable experience throughout your trip.

There will no longer be the need to look for building directories as all the information and directions that they require will be present on their iOS as well as Android powered smart phones. Hence, curbing the wastage of time and reaching their point of interest in time. 

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  1. Glad that this is launched in India as well. Enjoy you guys! nice post.

  2. Hello Atish,

    When it’s going to live in India i really want to use it.It’s good new that Delhi is part of first 22 cities .Thanks for sharing such a informative new.

  3. Launching indoor map in India will surely help many of us to access the floor plan of the interested building.

    I would like to add one more point here. Don’t you think that this feature will be a great help to the robber, 🙂 this will help them to do a strategy planning before they perform any act. I think security issue may arise in this case and property owner will have to more focus on security plans.
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  4. Hello Atish – This is really a welcome feature. Will be really useful for big Shopping complexes and Malls.Thanks for sharing
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  5. Nice Atish ! I know Google Launched Google Map But I wasn’t aware about Google Launches Indoor Maps In India. This is latest news but I wasn’t aware about it ! Well no issue ! You are great Blogger & you always share great news & articles related to latest news.

  6. Well that Indoor Map is live in India too.This apps will definetely useful for many .Thanks a lot for sahring this

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