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Gifcam : Easy and Fun animated GIF making app.

These days GIF images are more popular than the traditional images. It’s an art to make any kind of animated images. You need lots of editing work to make a single GIF Image. By Using Photoshop, you can make a GIF Image but it may look awkward or you can either edit any video to make a GIF image, for them who need GIF images they can create own.
Yes, You can even create your own GIF image as per as your requirement and for them Gifcam app can be work as a boon. Gifcam better known as Animated GIF Recorder. GifCam makes it easy to create animated GIF images by simply recording the activity of a selected portion of your screen, you can resize the position as well. GifCam is a free app for Windows. It’s latest Version is 3.5 which was updated on 10th April’2014.
You can Grab this app here for free and is Compatible With Windows 8,7, Vista, XP.  There’s not even an installer for this, just an EXE, which is an app for WINDOWS only.

NOTE : click on the images for better GIF experience

How Gifcam Works?
GifCam works like a camera. When you’re ready, click “Rec” to start recording or  click “Frame” to record a single frame. You can also move and size the recording frame over the area you want to capture.

GifCam Image!

You should be careful while recording because whenever GifCam finds the previous frame is the same as the new recorded one, it automatically adds delays instead of adding a new frame and increasing GIF size. You can see the Fig 2 for this statement where I have recorded the Official Video of Selena Gomez – Come & Get It.

Fig 2

How to Edit GifCam Image
GifCam comes with simple and powerful frame editing, To delete frames/add or remove the delays, click on “Edit” button then right click on the frame you want to edit. There you’ll find so many options you have to choose as per as your need. By Default Last option i.e “Show Green Screen” is active.

edit 1

edit 2

How to Save GifCam Image
When you are done recording and editing, you can save your GIF in 5 color reduction formats. You can check the list by clicking the Split button and Quantize the first option is by default active one.


Note: Windows XP doesn’t support “split button”, so right click on the save button to get the save menu.

Some Creative Fields where Gifcam can be used

  • MS Paint
    Yes, you can even create any Animated Painting and show it to your friends.
    You can Now even deliver any animated message in notepad
  • Retro GIF
    You can even create any Retro GIF by using YouTube videos

Some other feature as well where you can use this Tool like support for cursor capture, FPS recording options, grayscale conversion, GIF preview, and more.

Updated :
Time to Time this tool has been updated and fixed the many errors as compared to previous once First Version they have released, then it was Version 2.0 which was updated on 3rd,June 2013.
In second version they have added the “Add text” feature by which you can write some text in one line or more and set the frames range, position the text , align it left/center/right , add shadow and change the font with the native Windows font dialog accordingly.More Frame rate options for more smooth gif has been updated.Continue Record feature has been added.A new way to adjust frames delay,by dragging the delay label (each pixel = 0.01 second)Shift + dragging will add/remove delays to/from all frames (0.03 second is the minimum delay)Disable Green Screen , Capture cursor.

Version 3.0 has been updated on 3rd December 2013
This time this comes with five Sweet features and some minor fixes i.e Resize, Yoyo, Draw Green Screen, Preview: preview with size,Export To AVI: export your record to uncompressed video.

 Version 3.1 has been updated on 16th December 2013
One bug fixed: Yoyo feature adds 0 ms delay to all yoyo frames instead of adding yoyo delays.

 Version 3.5 has been updated on 10th April 2014
Custom color reduction: snapping color to the nearest number.
Green Screen Paint fill: paint green screen outside or inside a closed shape by pressing Ctrl+Click (to paint on one frame press Shift+Ctrl+Click ).Mouse wheel support: you can use mouse wheel to scroll in Edit window, it is a little feature but it makes a lot of difference 🙂 and still working.. On this same version.

 Here are some Tips for using GifCam:

  • While recording a video, select high quality option, that will generate a wider green screen area than a low quality and reduce GIF size.
  • To delete half the frames and keep the animation use this tool “Delete even frames”
  • The less color the gift has, the less, GIF size you get try to balance the quality with the size.

Final Words:
For me this works as a Boon. You can work over it and especially bloggers can take advantage of it as this can give another type of charm in their post. Want to try this out app? Just download it from the given link above and I’m Sure you’ll love it. Do let me know via comment section What are you GIFing with this amazing tool GifCam? Share links in the comments below and I’m looking forward to checking out your creations and let the world know about your talent. 🙂

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