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Facebook Now Enjoys Some Fantastic Add-ons

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Introduction to Facebook:

If you were to sit and quickly surf the Internet, then in that case you will be taken aback by the wide range of social networking websites that are seen freely floating over the World Wide Web as on date. Out of the good number of social networking websites out there, one website that has been successful in maintaining its position is none other than Facebook. On an overall level, a large number of individuals are known to have their accounts on Facebook. Furthermore, these people are also known to be highly active on this particular website.

In the usual situation, due to the cut-throat competition that was and is still existant in the social networking arena, Facebook would have easily lost to the heavy competition that is prevalent in the market. However, Facebook has been successful in not only retaining its position, but is simultaneously seen growing all thanks to the various add-ons that it keeps on accumulating on the website and that also on a continuous basis. Our further discussion is likely to revolve around some of the add-ons that have been imbibed by Facebook in recent times.

Out of the box add-ons by Facebook:

 Emoticons added to News Feed Comments: One of the silent updates on the part of Facebook has definitely been in the area of News Feed Comments. If you have been operating Facebook for quite some time now, then you must have noticed that every time when you write a comment and use the keyboard shortcuts to create some or the other smiley, the next moment an emoticon pops up. This particular service was earlier available in Facebook chat. Facebook is known to come complete with a good deal of emoticons altogether. The good news here is that you emoticons are automatically enabled and thus you are not required to perform any separate task in order to set them into action.
facebook comments 

 Array of exceptional features added to the Photo Albums: Just recently, Facebook has gone ahead and introduced a good number of features that are exclusively related to the Photo Albums. First and foremost, you get to enjoy a three column design every time when you create a new photo album. Similarly, moving the cursor of the mouse on the Photo Album allows you to view a slide show of all the photos that are part of the album. In addition, you can get your hands on a four column design whenever you decide to add new photos to a particular photo album. Apart from this, Facebook has also unveiled the Highlight as well as Add Location to feature to the photo albums at large.
Facebook Photos 

 Global Pages for Global Brands: All the global brands who desired to make their presence felt on Facebook were required to come up with different pages for every country in which they happened to operate. This made their goal of creating social media presence a largely time consuming activity. Similarly, it also led to wastage of a good deal of resources. Hence, in order to bring an end to this particular problem that was faced by Global Brands in general, Facebook went ahead and launched the Global Pages system. With the help of this particular Global Pages system, global brands are not required to roll out multiple pages. Instead, they can maintain a single centralized page for themselves. This brand new feature that was just recently launched by Facebook aims to provide localized cover photos, page apps, profile photos and so on and so forth.

If you happen to be an active Facebook user, but haven’t yet taken a glance of the above mentioned extraordinary features launched by Facebook, then in that case now is the time for you to sign in to your account on Facebook and go through the above mentioned brand new features.

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