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Facebook Gifts – Social Media Is Getting Revolutionized

Facebook is the center for all the people to share their feelings, their thoughts and make new friends and now becoming the largest platform for the same. It enables people to see what all is happenings in and around the world. One can sponsor events to invite the world to join them. Facebook is making changes which suits best for the users for example they launched Skype associate feature and now one can have video chat with their important ones. On this platform they recently added Facebook Gifts which is a nice way to attract people.

How you can sent a gift

  • Go to a friend’s Timeline.
  • Click on the gift icon.
  • The arrow shows you the icon you have to click on after going to the friend’s timeline.
  • After that you will have option to select the card and gift you want to give to your friend.
  • After selecting your gift it will notify your friend and ask for their address where you want to send the gift.

Now your friend will be notified by the Facebook and by an email about the gift and they can see the card you have sent and your card will be visible according to the privacy setting of the receiver. Now if someone has not seen your gift then after two week it will cancel your order and refund your money if there is any. And important point to be noted; you cannot send gift outside the Facebook users.

Privacy Factors

  • If you don’t want to share it with all the friends you can uncheck the sharing option so that your friend will receive the private notification and no other can view it.
  • You can remove your credit card account so that it will be a safe after you have done your work.


  • You can swap your order and exchange the order within given limited time. You have to swap with in twenty four hours.
    • Click on account in upper right corner and choose account setting
    • From the menu select the gift option.
    • View Details
    • There you will get the swap option and your friend will also notified with the new gift.
  • Wines can be also delivered if you want and below are the some of the wines delivered. Amuse Bouche, Blackbird, Bonterra, Capture Wines, Clark-Claudon, David Family, Domaine Chandon, Goose Cross, Mondavi, Mutt Lynch, Recuerdo, Tasting Room, Terra Valentine,Titus, Twisted Oak, and Wine Country Gift Baskets.

Now talking about the range where it has made its impact till now, people in the United States are already enjoying this Facebook Gift feature. So now Facebook is looking towards the millions of users in India. Facebook will be launching this feature in India very soon. So just wait and soon Facebook will surprise you and you are going to surprise your friends with the featured gift given by Facebook.

It also consists of different categories of gifts and price varies from very low to quite high. Category can be of sports, t-shirts, posters, household goods, etc… Now if you want to dedicate a song for their birthday you have to pay $1 and if someone wants to give a MP3 they can pay $9. Like this others gifts are available at lower range as well as higher range. You have to just search your category and choose your gift you will be getting the detail of the gift and the charges as well as how much time it will take and Facebook offers you very good exciting features according to the festive season.

Overall this new cool application will be an awesome concept launched by the engineers of Facebook. Just wait and watch for the launch in India as it will be the biggest news which Facebook is would be providing.

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