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How To Operate Windows 8 – Part 1

Windows 8 has been an interesting and exciting innovation for some time now. It has brought many newly introduced features like its new touch oriented metro screen (start screen), fresh apps and new interface rules which seem a little puzzling to even experienced pc operators. [Recommended Reading : What’s New In Windows 8?] [Recommended Reading : How To Operate Windows 8 ... Read More »

Backup What You Want By AOMEI Data Backuper

You may have faced a lot of situations where you might have to lose some of your really important data and work in your computer. Ever imagined how difficult and frustrating it is to rebuild and recreate everything all over again. We often say and hear that backing up your data can really protect it. But how to backup all ... Read More »

BitDefender Free Antivirus

BitDefender is one of the best antivirus software available on the Internet. But the issue is, BitDefender is not listed in the list of free antiviruses & every tech crazy wants a free antivirus. As of now, Avast is considered as one of the best free antivirus. But now the free antivirus software’s have got a good competitor – BitDefender ... Read More »

Make Your Own Facebook Cover With an App

Facebook timeline cover

With its release just one month ago Make a Cover for Facebook has yet to make a huge impact on our friends and foes Facebook Covers, however, with the release of new characters and new items I widely expect for an increasing amount of people to start making their Facebook Cover with the application “Make a Cover for Facebook.” Designed and ... Read More »

Using Advanced Security Solutions to Prevent Identity Theft

advanced security systems

It is critical to understand the basics of protecting yourself from identity theft. If you do fall victim to identity theft, it can take years to rebuild your credit and protect your personal information from further theft. The technology sector is responding to the increased threat from identity theft with innovative software for individual and business use. You can keep ... Read More »