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Welcome Back @ Stoogles

Welcome back! A very warm welcome to the splendid readers of Stoogles! 🙂 Yes, I can hear those murmurs of yours. I guess, everyone wants to ask something, right? Of course, let me spill the beans. I know that all of you want to ask one common question “What happened to Stoogles? Why did the site go down?” Gotcha right! ... Read More »

Popularity of Wi-Fi Hotspots – Growing or Waning?


According to The Economist, the internet will be used mainly on mobile devices by the end of 2013. Consulting company IDATE estimates that more people will access the internet via a mobile device than a fixed-line connection by 2014. Thus, internet service providers are working to keep your loyalty. Given that the Pew Research Centers reports 10 percent of Americans access ... Read More »

MyThemeShop Vs ThemeJunkie


This post brings to you some cues about MyThemeShop and ThemeJunkie. Both have interesting features that make them work wonders for you. There is a whole monsoon of thoughts that when accompanied with favorable features sets perfect occasion for a healthy rainfall. Not forgetting, the promise of a rich harvest. As a Theme Seller, MyThemeShop has hit it off with ... Read More »

Online Entrepreneurship Vs Day job

Entrepreneurship Vs Job

Those who have ever thought they might do a more satisfactory job than their boss may be a perfect candidate being an entrepreneur. There are pros and cons to everything in life; entrepreneurship isn’t any exception. As the matter of truth, taking this step involves lots of risk taking. However, it can repay very well as well as nicely, with ... Read More »

What’s New On Facebook & Gmail?

Only one thing is constant on this planet earth i.e. CHANGE. Everything needs to be changed and updated on timely basis. And keeping in consideration the need of change, even the Giants over the Internet are changing the things on and again. Few days back, I had written about few recent updates on Facebook, where I had written about the ... Read More »