How to Build a Website with Website Builder?

Competition is everywhere!
Yes, from a recent study it is very clear that there is a remarkable growth of internet usage and hundreds of new websites are created each day for various personal and professional reasons. This post offers the details of “How to build a website with website builder” to have your strategic website.  

Why it is important to have a good website design?

Anybody can build a website but a well-designed website would lead you to reach the success. If you design a website for your company/online business, then it should have a professional look to attract more clients. An unprofessional (bad design) website would urge the visitors to leave quickly from your webpage and no one would show interest to buy/get products/service from it.  

You need to establish a memorable link with visitors and grab their attention quickly. So, if you design a website in such a way that the people could able to find what they are looking for easily, then they never skip your website with good design. In simple words, you should have a well-designed website for easy and quick navigation which would let you to attain the success in your online business effortlessly.

What is website builder?

A specialized tool which allows you to build your own webpage without any HTML knowledge is called website builder. If a website builder is web based and needs server to run, it is an online website builder. But some other web builders come in the form of software and you need to download & install into your computer. This is offline web builder and each type has its own benefits.   

Benefits of online website builder

Online website builder has good features and benefits when compared to offline type. Some of them are.

  1. More flexibility and easy to use with interactive tools and applications.
  2. You can design a website with impressive features without installing anything.
  3. More likely to create a professional website without coding or programming knowledge.
  4. Fully manageable with transferability of web design.

One such website builder is “Webydo”, let’s check some features of it.

Build a website with Webydo

Webydo is an online website builder which allows you to build exceptional HTML websites even if you have no prior technical and coding knowledge. It works on content management system and enables you to update the content of the website easily. It uses advanced cloud hosting and built-in management tools.

Its main aim is to provide a good design freedom for their clients with free and premium options. Not only to design a website, it also handles the hosting part of your website which guarantees to be served in a fastest way. You could have the full control over your website by adding images, videos, text etc. with its splendid widget system.

Editor of Webydo

The editor of Webydo is clean, natural and similar to Photoshop. It offers different modes to edit design, content and preview which would help you to have a desired format. With this excellent editor, it is more feasible to have a pixel-perfect design for your website.

Design a website with Webydo

  1. It has drag and drop control to upload the images, videos, flash etc. and you can automatically optimize these for better performance.

  2. It automatically converts your design into an updated HTML code and CMS and therefore you could enjoy code-free web design.

  3. You could choose the desired web fonts which are already optimized that ensure accurate typography of your website.

  4. As it generates cross-platform codes, your website would look as per your plan on all devices and browsers.

  5. All design elements can be uploaded and published with a single click and you no need to setup, install or optimize anything.

Advanced features of Webydo

It offers some advanced features like grid generator, smart guides, layers window, text caption, set corner radiuses and so on. It also gives an easy integration of Ecommerce widget with various options which would let you to have freedom in designing the online stores.  


While design a website, do concentrate to expose the visible aspects of your company than focussing on the sales details. Now days, internet surfers are more sophisticated and their expectations are higher. So it is essential to build a website with good design for your company/business to bound ahead of the competition.

Webydo is a perfect tool to create visually compelling websites with its simple CMS system. If you need to use your own domain with more than 15 pages or 1GB, you can choose the premium plan ($7.90) for unlimited pages and 2GB storage.

So, design a website with Webydo for your professional use and grow your business effectually.

Do you still think that the website creation can be done only with the professional web designers? No, right? It would be good if you share your insights about this amazing website builder with me.

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  • Great to read the details of the website builder, Webydo Atish 🙂

    Yeah, as you told, having a clean and well designed website with easy navigation is essential for every business to attract more clients.

    I’ve bookmarked this post for future use, will check its details deeply, thanks for sharing this information.
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    • Visiting the professional blogger site , its like attending a blogging school.. here another good post from Atish Ranjan about Webydo which i don’t know until i visited his blog its a perfect tool for people does not know how to build the website with html these is a big boon for them.. will check this Atish webydo site. thanks for the post