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Brighten Up Your Diwali with Karbonn’s tablet Agnee

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One of the mobile phone manufacturing companies that has come out to become a true leader in the mobile phone arena is none other than the Indian based company Karbonn. Karbonn is considered to be one of the fastest growing mobile phone manufacturers who is believed to have in store a wide spectrum of mobile phones that tend to come complete with a good deal of out of the box features. In recent times, a large number of people are seen welcoming Karbonn as well as its devices with open arms. This Diwali Karbonn is all set to unveil its very first made in India tablet, which is none other than the tablet Agnee. Let us now try and get to know this particular tablet in more detail.

All the individuals out there who are going gaga on 3G tablets at large can now make up their mind and settle down for the 3G Agnee tablet. On an overall level, the Agnee tablet is known to be supported with the SnapDragon processor that tends to come out of the kitty of Qualcomm Technologies Incorporation. Furthermore, the Agnee tablet is known to be launched in collaboration with Innominds Technologies.

Karbonn’s Agnee tablet is known to come complete with a good deal of extraordinary features. However, one highlight feature that is associated with the Agnee tablet is definitely the iCare content platform. This particular content platform is known to offer effective education solutions. Most importantly, the iCare content platform is believed to act as a wide-ranging and inclusive forum the role of which is to encourage interactions between the students and faculty at large. This is yet another characteristic associated with the Agnee tablet that is likely to make this particular tablet a hit.

Karbonn’s managing director was seen quoting that this particular tablet makes use of innovative technology. Moreover, Indian consumers are believed to get a taste of realistic mobility solutions only with the help of Karbonn’s Agnee tablet.

The very first variant of Agnee tablet that is expected to surprise the Indian consumers this Diwali is the Agnee L Model. The Agnee L tablet model is believed to be a very basic tablet model. For all the fanatics of Android 4.0 that is Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich it is time to zero down on Agnee L Model as this particular model is known to come complete with the Android 4.0 operating system. Furthermore, the Agnee L tablet is known to please the photography loyalists with its front as well as rear camera. The front camera is known to come complete with 1.3 megapixel resolution and thus clear and crisp images will now only be a cakewalk with this help of this variant.

All said and done, the icing on the cake still remains the price element associated with the Agnee tablet. The widespread news in the market is that the Agnee tablet will be sold at a price that is less than Rs 10,000. Hence, for all the people who were looking forward to invest in a tablet, but were unable to do so due to the heavy prices that are charged by different manufacturers for their tablets, can now go ahead and invest in the affordable Agnee tablet.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, Karbonn’s Agnee tablet is known to enjoy full points in this particular area as well. All said and done, if you are an individual who desires to get your hands on a tablet that promises bang on mishmash of aesthetics as well as functionality can now go ahead and get themselves Karbonn’s Agnee tablet. This Diwali gift your loved ones Karbonn’s Agnee tablet.

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