Bill Gates as a Philanthropist: The Technologist changing the world

The patriarch of Microsoft, Bill Gates’ retirement in July of 2008 did not stop him from being an active figure in the field of technology. Retirement is just a substitute to Mr. Gates who began the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, five years ago along with his wife. The Gates foundation, today is one of the most prestigious and perhaps the richest philanthropy in the world. Though Bill Gates never completed his education, his key mission is to contour higher education today.

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is progressive in four areas:

  1. Global Development Division, which aims for the elevation of the poorest of the poor people, and to eradicate hunger crisis.
  2. Global Health Division, that works to equip advances in science and technology in a way to fight diseases like Rotavirus, Malaria and HIV/Aids.
  3. United States Division, its goal is to bring about innovation in the field of high school education and be a pillar of support to the unguarded families in the state of Washington.
  4. Global Policy and Advocacy Division which seeks to build long term relationships and encourage policies that trigger progression in the work.

The Foundation

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The foundation features the works of partners, leaders, staff, and of just any reformers with innovative solutions to global problems. In an exclusive interview, the founder of Microsoft admitted that he does not possess all the answers and that, the foundation is impatient to witness how inefficiencies can be addressed and fixed. Hence, the name “Impatient Optimists”. Although Bill Gates believes that technology and education can bring great reforms, he is intellectual and visionary in his approach. With radical ideas like interactive group sessions and use of tablet computers to replace antiquated lecture halls in colleges, he wants students to realize their complete potential. The Gates Foundation is determined to put their billions to great use by investing it in the welfare of global population, in a wide range of fields that also include agriculture, banking, programming, etc.

The Biggest Philanthropists of the World 

Bill and Melinda Gates are no.1 on the list of Forbes 400, the biggest philanthropists of the world, followed closely by Warren Buffet, and Larry Ellison. Among the others are Oprah Winfrey, Pete Peterson, and Steve Case who have come up with ideas to spread their vast bank balance. Having not just a big bank balance, but also a big heart makes a great man, and Bill Gates has proven himself to be the greatest philanthropist by bringing about a change in the world, through his creative ideas and techno-reforms, even after Microsoft. The multi billionaire stated, “The foundation’s goal is to learn, make mistakes, try new things out, and find new partners to do things.”

At 54, Bill Gates as an entrepreneur knows best how to make enormous new markets out of thin air, specifically adjacent to existing ones. On the other hand, Gates, as a philanthropist has a futuristic vision of the world. Often, the business life and the philanthropic life of Mr. Gates goes hand in hand, more so with his engrossment with the cerebral projects of the Myhrvoid’s, whose researcher team employees administer unique scientific projects in assistance with the Gates Foundation. Their one critical goal is to give birth to an ingenious brain child that will shape and solve the problems in a fast advancing society.

Globe Changing Phenomenon

The pioneers of this foundation, believe in the fact that, with new and contemporary schemes, and through proper planning, a globe changing phenomenon can be brought about starting at local levels.


Bill & Melinda Gates (1)


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