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Best Mobile Browser for Android – 2015

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We spend most of our time on smartphones and most of the time on a smartphone is spent on a web browser. Web browsers are used for so many purposes like surfing the net, getting the details, downloading things and so on. Web Browser is one of the most important things in a smartphone and it should be fast, small in size and should have a user-friendly interface. Now, there are hundreds of web browsers available on Google Play Store but, only a few of them works properly. In this post, we are going to test four browsers to find out the best mobile browser for Android.

What are the tests?

We would be testing the web browsers on the basis of their interface, design, features, memory consumption and speed. We will also do some benchmark testing to go into the details of the web browsers. We are using OnePlus One with Android 5.0.2 and CM12 for testing the web browsers. We have wiped the phone to get a better result and have downloaded the web browsers again to start the things from scratch.

Which are few top mobile web browser for Android?

Currently, the top four mobile browsers for Android are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and UC Browser.  Although, there are many other good browsers like Dolphin Browser, Puffin, CM Browser but, the four we mentioned are highly popular among Android users.

Name Size Downloads Compatibility Ratings
Google Chrome 73 MB 500m – 1bn Android 4.0 or higher 4.2
Mozilla Firefox 44.7MB 50m – 100m Android 2.3 or higher 4.3
Opera 18.6 MB 50m – 100m Android 4.0 or higher 4.3
UC Browser 45 MB 100m – 500m Android 2.2 or higher 4.5

Interface and Design

The design is the first thing which you can see while downloading a web browser from Google Play store. A web browser should have a beautiful design and should boast of easy to use interface.

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser thanks to its design and interface. The best part about Chrome’s design is that it looks similar to the PC version of the chrome which allows a user to get attached to it easily. New tabs can be opened and bookmarked easily and there is are unwanted or in built bookmarks in it.

Firefox is similar to Chrome in many ways. Tabs can be opened quickly with a special button on the top right side of the browser. The best part about this browser is that you just need to slide to the right or left for checking your bookmarks or history which saves a lot of time and efforts.


Opera has got the lightest design and is simple in terms of interface. It is not as fast as other browsers but, that best part of this browser is its light weight. It offers many inbuilt bookmarks but, many of them are not useful. The app also offers top stories around the world on its home page which is an added advantage.

UC Browser has got best design and interface among these four browsers. The transparent background is fun to use and looks amazing while using. You can customize the browser as per your choice and it also offers many useful inbuilt bookmarks.


We spend a lot of time on each browser to find out their respective features and this is what we found.

Features like Tabs Synchronization, Incognito Mode, and Find In page are offered by all of the four browsers. As you can see, UC Browser offers maximum number of features followed by Firefox and Opera Mini falls short in terms of features. UC Browser is the clear winner in terms of features offered by a web browser.

Sunspider Test and Peacekeeper tests are done to find out the speed of a browser. The Sunspider test takes only 15 seconds and Peacekeeper test takes 5 minutes to analyze the speed of a browser by checking JavaScript execution speed.

android_1 android_2

So, in terms of speed Firefox and chrome are better and UC browser is the slowest of them. Opera performs decently as shown in the results.

Memory Usage

Memory Usage is an important point while considering the best web browser for mobile as if a browser consumes more memory usage then it slows the phone. Moreover, memory usage also plays a vital role in multitasking. Memory usage should be as low as possible. We compared the memory usage by opening 3 similar tabs in all four browsers and these are the results.


As you can see Opera is far better than the rest of the three browsers. UC browser uses most of the memory as seen in the results. So, in terms of memory consumption, Opera and Chrome are the perfect choices.


After Facebook starts to ask permission for almost every data on your phone, it is important to find out the list of permissions asked by an app.

Name Permissions
UC Browser 32
Firefox 27
Opera 20
Chrome 24

 Again UC Browser falls short here. It asks for as much as 32 permissions as compared with Opera which asks for only 20 permissions. Opera and Chrome take the deal here.

And, the best web browser for Android is?

Opera is small in size but, the interface and design are not so impressive. It lacks certain features and delivers decent speed. However, if you are using a phone with low RAM, it is the best web browser.

Chrome is much better than Opera in terms of speed and interface. Even the memory usage is decent. However, it lacks certain features like flash support, reader mode etc. If you use a browser for simple net surfing and reading, it is the best browser.

UC Browser features best design and delivers almost all the major features. However, the phone is way behind in terms of speed and uses a lot of memory. If you can compromise with speed and memory usage, you can go for UC Browser.

Firefox is the winner of this comparison. It has got the design, interface and speed. The memory consumption is decent and if you are looking for a fast web browser with features and excellent design, Firefox is the best choice for you.

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