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AskMe is a free Android app that allows you to easily search for places to shop, eat, drink, play, and relax. In addition, by means of the AskMe app, you can look for classified ads, easy-buy deals, best deals, and merchants and listings for free.


Application of AskMe

AskMe App consists of the ins and outs of a number of businesses in your region and in your city. As a user, you can utilize the app for serving numerous purposes, which include searching for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other places near you, booking appointments at spas close to you, making mouthwatering deals on food channels around you andshopping at the places that are nearby you.

You can also utilize the app for making purchases of the latest mobile phones that are up for sale. In nutshell, the AskMe app enables you to find all kinds of local information that you require, no matter whether it is local search or deals, or classifieds near you.

Functionality of AskMe

The app is quite easy and smooth to operate for any regular Android user.The interface is seamless and simple without any hidden insights that you need to understand with banging heads. With the access to the good and simple interface, you can almost become the master of the app in the very first go.


At the time of operating it, you simply have to enter what you’re searching for in the first field on the interface. Then, you have to enter your region or your locality and finally, press the Search button to begin searching for your entered details. Once found, the app returns you all the results that match your requirements.

Pros of AskMe

Apart from the simple, effective, and easy-to-use interface, you get to avail other numerous benefits by means of AskMe. A few of the most prominent ones can be mentioned as:

  • Look for all the businesses that you nearby your region or your place
  • See latest and up-to-date classifieds on jobs, mobile, real estate, and others
  • Create your own listings of desired local businesses
  • Share your most favorite and desired businesses with your peers and friends through email, SMS, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Obtain additional information about businesses, such as payment methods, ratings, and opening hours to simplify your choices
  • Avail tremendous deals that are provided by your local businesses
  • Give tips, photos, and reviews for your top-favorite businesses
  • Find out which are the good businesses and which are not by means of reading reviews about diversified businesses around your region
  • Find out contact numbers and addresses of a number of businesses and approach them through the AskMe app


Apparently, AskMe is itself a database that you can use for obtaining all sorts of information on education, travel, restaurants, and many more. This app is nothing less than the most precise directory of data for you, the consumers.

Final Verdict

AskMe is an ideal platform for all Android users, since they don’t have to switch from one platform to another, as everything is given them intact by means of the app. So, it’s nothing less than a privilege for the Android users to use this wonderful searching tool for free.

Download AskMe for free right away!

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