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Am I Chaudible?

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Android is one of the biggest platform for developers to work on, I mean literally if we compare it with the real world; it’s like a river where we go and do our household chores (pun intended). The app development and its vast world of fantasy has given many geeks and nerds to work and develop such apps that are both helpful and awesome at the same time (some are even perkier).


You can see every possible app on the Play store. From apps that have images that you can download as wallpapers to apps like development of your website, there are apps that let you stay in contact in your dear ones and some that do just the opposite (games, specially). We face a dilemma as to which app we should have, judging them by their names, logo, and mainly the size. Sometimes you get so attached to apps that you just live there in a literal way, apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc. have a huge impact in our life. But to amplify the effect app developers are doing their best and one such result is the app named Chaudible.

Fantastic, what a name?! But yeah, seriously the app justifies its name. For the first hand user it seems as if we are talking about chatting app that can send audio files! Same old apps but no, this app has a twist. We get a bag full of surprises (like its Christmas again), from it being a carousel of audio files (the app promises nearly 200+ pre-recorded audio files) that can be shared through most of the social networking apps plus the messenger apps. These audio files have an essence of their own, some are cute, some are hilarious, some are nasty while others are meh! But, once you start hearing them one by one, you can’t just stop and do something else. Some of the main features that this app has are:

  1. Sharing your own voice that you can actually save (Oh! Thank God).
  2. Compatible with almost all the devices that are around.
  3. Making these tones and audio files ringtones.
  4. Most importantly, they are so amazing.

With all this been said, it’s time to review the app with the cons that we can see as well as the future impartments that we the people would love to see in the app. The Developers need to provide the app for other platforms as well, mainly the Windows (because as we know, it is a whole new area) and the Apple Store as well. The other few points that are to be pointed out could be the over repulsiveness of the app (that was a compliment).

So with the strong message from the developer- ‘Tatkartr’ meaning ‘The Creator’, “Making Conversation Meaninful”, the app promises you many further amendments and support. As this article is in its drafting phase, the writer plays the sounds from the ‘Ziggy Ziggy’ category (What the Hell!)

That is a bummer! You can download the app from here.

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