9 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills In 2015

If you own a website or blog, I don’t feel the need to describe, how important writing skills are for a blogger or a website owner.

Content marketing is one of the most important marketing skills nowadays. And there are chances to grow it even more in the future. Freelance writing, book writing, editor in a big news company, there are hell lot of opportunities for a writer.

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So, without going much into the depth of how these skills can make your life a big success, I am coming to the top 9 tips to improve your writing skills in 2015.

Though, I myself is not a proficient writer, but in order to growing my skills, I thought why not to share it with other keen readers also, who are willing to improve their skills. After all learning get even more intense, when you share it. right?

Let’s quickly move to the tips.

Tips to Improve your writing skills

These tips are well-proven tips. Without even giving a second thought, just follow the below tips and see yourself getting a better writer.

1. Practice

Practice is something that you cannot disregard to learn, be it writing or anything else. We have been listening since our childhood ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. This is a proverb that fits into every situation.

If you practice of writing on the daily basis, no one can stop you from being a proficient writer. If not daily, try to be at least regular.

2. Get rid of unnecessary words

This is one of the important tips to improve your writing skills. I have often notice that people have a habit of using unnecessary words (notice the strikethrough). This kind of unnecessary words in a sentence, make you look like an amateur. Avoid using them.

Eliminating unnecessary words will save allot of your time and portray you as a good writer.

3. Use the Right Tools for Proper Grammar

Every blogger or writer, whether they are beginner or expert, makes mistakes. No one is the perfect, but a computer is. Try to use a proper and efficient grammar tool. If English is not your native language than need is of great significance

In my case, I use Grammarly. It’s a great grammar tool, I have seen so far. It is available for free as well as premium. The premium version of Grammarly provides few more facility. But both of it’s versions are great indeed.

You can also Improve your English grammar and writing skills with the handbook on

4. Write the way we Talk

Remember, readers like to read conversational tone. Write the articles the way you talk. Let them feel, you are one of them.

Don’t use critical and tough to understand words. Avoid using business tone while writing. Write just the way we talk. If you pen down your original thought, it will relate more to your readers. And you will help yourself become a good writer.

This is also one of the important tips to improve your writing skills.

5. Keep it Easy to the readers

Never make your posts look clumsy. Keep it neat and eye pleasing. Keep the paragraphs shorter. Only this way, your viewers will find your contents appealing.

If you ever wonder, why other’s posts are looking more likable. Notice the format they have applied. Keeping paragraphs shorter and applying proper formats makes your posts look easy and readable to readers.

 6.  Practice in a group:

One of the useful tips to improve your writing skills is to practice with, like-minded people. If possible, find a group of people, who are equally interested in improving writing skills.

You can find them on It is a website, which provides information regarding the meetings held in your surroundings regarding content marketing or other such intelligent people having similar thoughts. Besides, you can find them on social sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

If you have someone around, who can rectify your mistakes, nothing can be beneficial then this. So, try to practice in a group. If a group is not possible, look at least one person, who can correct you.

7.  Read your favorite writer and try to imitate them

If you are a writer, you must be following or admiring other writers. Try to figure out, what skills do they have in their writing, that you admire them that much.

If you manage to find out the reason, possibilities are you can improve yourself to their level. Try to imitate them. Imitation never implies to copy. I mean to say, try reading their contents as much as possible.

And implement their ideas into your writing. Over time, you will develop your skills.

8.  Do Your Research

Now this is something that makes you a good writer. I guess, I should have written this point on the top of the list of, nine tips to improve your writing skills in 2015.

If you have sufficient knowledge about the topic, then only you can pen it down nicely. Otherwise no matter how good a writer you are, your contents will not appeal the readers.

9. don’t take long to complete the post

This is also a considerable point. Taking a long time to finish your content, doesn’t make you a good writer. Try to finish your post in one or maximum two sittings. After that, put some time in proofreading, since proofreading is a very crucial part for a writer.

Don’t take weeks in writing a single post. It decreases your efficiency.


For a writer, writing skills are the most important part. If you have good writing skills, then chances of your success become higher. The above tips to improve your writing skills are well-proven tips.

Try them out and let me know, if you found them useful. 🙂

About the author

Sonam Asrani

Sonam is the founder and Admin of Microzone Plus. She is an IT Engineer by Education and blogger by hobby. She is an all time learner and technology lover, who loves to read and write about technology


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  • Everyone of us has its own room to grow. Learning is a lifelong process nevertheless it depends on the individual on how raring to go he or she is to learn and grow.

    To become a better writer, read a lot and write a lot. There is no shortcut. Reading makes you become more familiar on how feelings are put to words persuasive and effectively.

    I couldn’t agree with your tips. Helpful and spot on!
    metz recently posted…Cheaper MailChimp Alternatives for WordPress – the Only 4 Tools That Make SenseMy Profile

    • Yes, I agree with you Metz that learning is a lifelong process.Good to know you find the post helpful!

  • Hey Sonam,

    There are certainly some great advice in this post. I try to write so that a two year old can understand me. I used to feel a little uneasy about this but I did not take into account that my message was clear. Now I enjoy my writing and the process. Unfortunately for me, it takes a little longer than a couple of sittings for my post to be finished. But I will get faster at it. Well maybe, the process I use seems to work for me. Thanks for the post.


    • Hello Rachel, thanks for coming by and reading the post. Nothing can be better for a writer if they enjoy writing. Try to apply the given tips and do let me know, how you find them helpful. 🙂

  • Hi Atish/Sonam,
    Improving writing skill is significant for any blogger that wants to stand out. The best ways of improving writing include continuous reading and practice.

    We get better by practice when it comes to writing. Practice helps us to develop a consistent voice and style when communicating!

    I love the above comment in where this post was upvoted!

    • Thanks allot. I really feel glad when my posts are loved and appreciated by readers. Practice makes a man perfect and helps us to develop our own style of communicating. I do agree with that. Keep Visiting. 🙂

  • Hi Sonam,

    It is my first read of your posts. Thanks for such an straight forward and great post.
    A good set of advice. Grammarly is my favorite tool too. Every time after running grammarly on by drafts, I just feel surprised of doing silly grammar mistakes.

    And Yes writing in a conversational way works great. Writing in such a way gets the attention of users and they dont get bored by even long posts.

    Thanks for some great tips.
    susheel karam recently posted…7 Ways to Increase Productivity in Blogging with Google keepMy Profile

    • Hello Susheel, Thanks for your valuable feedback. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Yes Grammarly is a Life saver for all the non native english speakers. sometime we don’t catch silly mistakes but Grammarly does. I would love to hear you back 🙂

    • Hello Atish.

      First of all Thanks allot for allowing me to write on your blog. I loved the moment when you made the post live since it was my first GP.

      I am glad you liked the article. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • Hi Sonam,

    I rarely write comments because I struggle in writing. But this article encourage me. I will take your advice which is, ‘Practice and more practice’. I think that this article is excellent. Very informative. Very practical. Ultimately encouraging. Thank you, Dan for sharing your wisdom in writing.

    Have a great Weekend. 🙂
    Saurabh Tiwari recently posted…Top 10 Free Responsive Joomla Templates for 2015My Profile

  • Hello Saurabh,

    I am glad to see your comment here. I would love to see you improve after the post. Practice is something which helps you to learn everything let alone writing skills. Keep in touch 🙂

  • Hi Sonam,

    Good to see you on Stoogles, this shows your passion in blogging.

    You’ve given some practical tips to enhance our writing skills. Bloggers should have the real writing talent to grab more eyeballs. Writing with own voice help us to stand out from the crowd.

    I agree that we should write in a precise way, but it wouldn’t be good to imitate someone (your 7th point).

    It would be good to read the posts of our preferred bloggers, but we should add our personal touch to every compelling content that we create.

    All the best for your blogging profession, keep writing.
    Nirmala recently posted…Best Alternatives of AppLock App To Protect Phone DataMy Profile

    • Thanks, Nirmala ma’am for your valuable feedback, I highly appreciate it. Though, I meant in the point 7th, imitation in the beginning stage only just to take the ideas. Over the time, we will develop our own writing style. I understand the value of Writing with own voice. 🙂

      Thanks for raising the point and explaining it in your own way. have a nice week! 🙂
      Sonam Asrani recently posted…Top 10 Free Online Courses That Can Grow Your tech SkillsMy Profile

  • Improving writing skills is critical if you want to reach and attract more people with your content. Practice is definitely one of the keys that will help you improve your writing skills, but so does reviewing what you have written. Every time you write a piece of content, you should read it back to yourself out loud or silently, to get a feel for how it would sound. Many times you pick up errors and make changes as you re-read your content. Great article. Thanks for sharing.
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…8 Bruce Lee Quotes That Will Inspire YouMy Profile