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While using your personal computer, have you ever come across a case where your computer drive crashed instantly, and you’ve missed all important data? This is not an unusual incident, and it happens due to various reasons like the frying of the motherboard, bad sectors on the hard drive and similar issues.  Did you know that you can restore all or most of the missing data files using suitable restoration methods?  Depending on the impact of information loss or drive breakdown, free restoration software is applied to balance out the effect. With technical enhancements, a number of alternatives exist in the file restoration market. Here we look at some of the best data recovery software’s that are available free of cost, which will help you to recover the loss data instantly to your preferred drive.

1)     Restoration

Restoration is a simple to use and self-explanatory software to unerase information that were lost from the bin or deleted from within Windows. The free utility helps to restore photos from an external drive that had been formatted. While initiating the recovery process with Restoration software, you can check out for all information that may be retrieved and also restrict the search results by keying in a preferred search term or a specific file extension.

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Restoration also provides the choice to clean the discovered information beyond simple restoration. The software is lightweight and separate; it does not need set up. Restoration performs with FAT and NTFS as well as camcorders cards. It also helps in resurrecting data files, windows folders, and clusters. The recovery speeds shown by the software is amazingly fast. As the software promises to deliver the lost content absolutely free of cost, and within the wink of an eye, Restoration is a must have free file recovery utility for all PC users.

2)     Recuva

Recuva is yet free data recovery software available. It’s easy to use and has many options available together with advanced data recovery features. Recuva can recover information from hard disks, external data storage drives like USBs and memory cards. Recuva can even unerase information from your iPod. The software Recuva will help to restore information in Windows operating system version. There is also a 64-bit edition Recuva available. Piriform provides both an installable and a portable edition of Recuva.
recuvaRecuva has a quick-start usage wizard that takes you through the process of recuperating your information. Let Recuva know what type of information you’re looking to restore, where they were stored, and the system does the rest.   Recuva checks all areas of a drive, looking for the pieces that make up your information files. If a drive’s index has been broken, possibilities are other areas of the drive may have been broken too. Recuva will show you a list of information files it has found on the lost data scan, and give you an approximate percentage of success with the file recovery process.

3)   EASEUS Deleted File Recovery

EASEUS File Recovery is another great data recovery software. Restoring information is easy with just a few mouse clicks with this application. The program is arranged much like Windows Explorer. While that may not be everybody’s ideal way to display information, it’s a very familiar user interface that most people are comfortable with.
By using EASEUS Deleted File Recovery, you will be able to restore the lost files from Recycle Bin. This system works well on all Windows and Linux operating systems.

Nowadays there are many file recovery programs available, that are customised to the user needs. All one has to do is to read the reviews, download the preferred application and start the recovery process.

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