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1AVCenter – A Complete Audio Video Center

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Technology is moving at a very fast pace. With a super increasing speed, the world is also shrinking at the same speed & hence comes the need for making the things more compact & adding up more n more features in the compacted things! 🙂 Considering these necessities of compacted & featured world, PCWinSoft has come up with a super cool software named 1AVCenter! 🙂 🙂 🙂

1AVCenter is a very nice tool to capture all the moments on your screen. A total audio video center, with 1AVCenter you can record & broadcast all types of audios & videos from your screen. The software which is 5 cows rated on Tucows, it has got a super secured web server where you can protect & share your files.

Following are the features of 1AVCenter:

  1. Enable a secured web server to share files
  2. Publish the PC desktop to a website on the Internet via FTP
  3. Record PC screen or region without audio to AVI and WMV
  4. Record PC screen or region with audio from microphone to AVI or WMV
  5. Record video from websites and media players to AVI or WMV
  6. Monitor PC screen and automatically capture images of desktop activity
  7. Monitor microphone and automatically record audio with the sound detector
  8. Record the audio you hear into WAV, WMA or MP3 with the sound recorder
  9. Record audio from the microphone into WAV, WMA or MP3
  10. Broadcast PC screen with audio from microphone live on the internet
  11. Broadcast PC desktop without audio live on the internet
  12. Broadcast the audio you hear live on the internet
  13. Capture screenshots in JPG format
  14. Capture and record audio and video from Screen Camera

Above all, with 1AVCenter, you can remotely monitor your desktop and your webcam; that too with a super secure access on the Internet! ğŸ˜Ž The software can be turned on to the stealth mode, by which the program will get hidden even on the task manager & thus everything could be secretly monitored.

The following is the System Requirements of 1AVCenter:

  1. Windows XP OS & all the above versions
  2. 1.3 GHz Processor
  3. 256 MB RAM

Now comes the best part, 1AVCenter, which is a $99.99 software, you can grabbed for free on Tech Tricks World. Check the promo page of Tech Tricks World to grab the benefit of the limited period offer. So now what’s next? Just browse on to the promo page & enter the details to get your $99.99 copy for FREE! 🙂

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